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Laws & Regulations Database of The Republic of China (Taiwan)

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Chapter Law Content

Chapter 3 Matters needing attention regarding instruction and interpersonal interaction on and off campus
Article 6
During performance of work-related tasks and in interpersonal interactions on and off campus, faculty, staff, and students shall respect gender diversity and individual differences.
Article 7
Teachers shall not develop intimate relationships that violate professional ethic codes with the student under their instruction, guidance, training, evaluation, management, consultation, or when providing students employment opportunities.
Should a teacher find that his or her relationship with a student violates the code of professional ethics referenced in the previous paragraph, the teacher shall take the initiative to avoid further interaction with the student or report the matter to the school for handling.
Article 8
Faculty, staff, and students shall respect others' and their own autonomy over their sexuality and body, avoid unwanted sexual advances or requests for dates, and must not use forcible or violent means to handle conflicts related to sex or gender.
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