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Chapter Law Content

Title: Private School Law CH
Category: Ministry of Education(教育部)
Chapter 3: Organizing, Registering Private Schools and Enrolling Students
Section 2: Registering Private Schools and Enrolling Students
Article 37
A school legal person shall complete organizing a school and registering it with the school authority by the date set by the school authority, with the president submitting the following papers. The date may be postponed in certain circumstances.
1. Legal person registration certificate.
2. Lists of lands, properties, books, equipment and teachers.
3. Organization rules.
4. The president’s CV, papers and letter of consent.
5. CPA-certified financial statements.
6. Calculations and descriptions of the raising, custody and outlay of funds.
7. Revenue and expenditure budgets for the next five years, papers proving that the funds used to organize the school have been deposited in a designated bank account.
8. Rules governing key aspects of running the school including personnel, finance, accounting, procurement and assets.
The school legal person shall not finance organization costs and funds needed to run the school in its first three years of operation with borrowed money.
Article 38
Private schools having met all requirements, completed the organizing process, and deposited organization funds in a designated bank account are permitted to register.
Information on private senior high schools and under having registered with the school authority shall be forwarded to the Ministry for reference.
Article 39
Only registered private schools are permitted to enroll students. Unless otherwise stipulated by law, each school year the schools shall draw up the following and submit them to the school authority for endorsement before enrolling students:
1. Rules governing enrolling students.
2. Numbers of students to be enrolled in the colleges, departments, schools, programs, and classes.
3. Admissions and distribution of student among different colleges, departments, schools, programs, and classes.
The private schools may purchase performance bond insurance for the students. The contract, coverage, amount, and premium of the insurance shall be decided by the Ministry.
Article 40
Unregistered private schools are not permitted to enroll students in the name of engaging in formal education.
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