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Chapter VIII Supplementary Provisions
Article 75
For the purpose of registration for approval made in accordance with these Regulations, all required attachments shall be prepared in accordance with the forms prescribed and the attachments should be put in binders.
For the supplementary documents furnished in accordance with Articles 12, 16, 21, 22, 26, 27, 39, 55, 56, 61, 66, 68, and 72, the modified registration documents shall be put in binders pursuant to the forms required by the attachments. The cover of the binder shall indicate the documents being modified and the number of times of their modification. An index regarding the modifications made shall be prepared and put in front of the main table of contents of the registration documents. The parts subject to modification shall be underlined and noted. If the documents are written in vertical form, the underline mark shall be at the right side of the text while it shall be beneath the sentences if the documents are arranged horizontally.
When the issuer registers for offering and issuance of securities, retroactive handling of public issuance procedures, issuance of new shares as stock dividends, or capital reduction, or when a holder of securities registers to conduct a secondary offering of such securities, it shall put the registration documents or supplements/modification into binders. In addition, at the time of registration or supplementation/modification, a copy of these documents shall be sent to the Stock Exchange, the Taipei Exchange, the Taiwan Securities Association, the Securities and Futures Institute, and any other organizations designated by the FSC for the public's review.
Article 75-1
Article 76
These Regulations shall be enforced from the date of issuance except for Articles 10 and 71 as amended 3 March 2006 (which were enforced from 1 July 2006), Article 56-1 as amended 6 March 2007 (which was enforced from 1 January 2008), and Article 72-1 as amended 9 November 2007 (the enforcement date of which shall be set by the competent authority).
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