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Title: Securities and Exchange Act CH
Category: Financial Supervisory Commission(金融監督管理委員會)
Chapter II The Offering, Issuing, Private Placement, and Trading of Securities
Section III Private Placement and Trading of Securities
Article 43-6
(Private Placement of Securities and Corporate Bonds)
A public company may carry out private placement of securities with the following persons upon adoption of a resolution by at least two-thirds of the votes of the shareholders present at a meeting of shareholders who represent a majority of the total number of issued shares; the restrictions of Article 28-1 and Article 139, paragraph 2 hereof and Article 267, paragraphs 1 to 3 shall not apply in such case:
1. Banks, bills finance enterprises, trust enterprises, insurance enterprises, securities enterprises, or other juristic persons or institutions approved by the Competent Authority.
2. Natural persons, juristic persons, or funds meeting the conditions prescribed by the Competent Authority.
3. Directors, supervisors, and managerial officers of the company or its affiliated enterprises.
The total number of placees under subparagraphs 2 and 3 of the preceding paragraph shall not exceed 35 persons.
A private placement of ordinary corporate bonds shall have a total issue amount not exceeding 400 percent of its total assets less total liabilities, unless the Competent Authority has obtained the approval of the central authority with jurisdiction over the business of the company; such a private placement is not subject to the restrictions under Article 247 of the Company Act, and may be carried out in installments within one year of the date of the resolution of the board of directors.
Upon the reasonable request by a person(s) under paragraph 1, subparagraph 2 prior to consummation of the private placement, the company shall bear the obligation to provide information on company finances, business, or other information relevant to the current private placement of securities.
Within 15 days of the date the share payments or payments of the price of the corporate bonds or other securities have been made in full, the company shall submit the relevant documentation in a report to the Competent Authority for recordation.
For private placements of securities conducted pursuant to paragraph 1, the following particulars shall be enumerated and explained in the notice to convene the shareholders meeting, and shall not be raised as extemporary motions:
1. The basis and rationale for the setting of the price.
2. The means of selecting the specified persons. Where the placees have already been arranged, the relationship between the placees and the company shall also be described.
3. The reasons necessitating the private placement.
For private placements of securities conducted pursuant to paragraph 1, where the relevant particulars of the private placement by installments have been enumerated and explained in the proposal to the shareholders meeting as provided in the subparagraphs of the preceding paragraph, the private placement may be carried out by installments within one year of the date of the resolution of the shareholders meeting.
Article 43-7
(Conduct Prohibited With Respect to the Private Placement and Resale of Securities)
Private placement and resale of securities may not be the subject of general advertisements or public inducements.
Any violation of the preceding paragraph shall be considered an act of public offering to the general public.
Article 43-8
(Conditions for Further Transfer of Privately Placed Securities)
Placees and purchasers of privately placed securities may not resell the securities except under the following circumstances:
1. where the privately placed securities are held by persons specified in Article 43-6, paragraph 1, subparagraph 1 and no securities of the same type as said privately placed securities are traded on the centralized securities exchange market or over-the-counter markets, and the securities are transferred to persons of the same qualifications;
2. where the privately placed securities are transferred to persons conforming to Article 43-6, paragraphs 1 and 2, at least one full year after the delivery date of the privately placed securities and within three years of said delivery date, subject to the restrictions prescribed by the Competent Authority concerning holding period and trading volume;
3. where three full years have elapsed since the delivery date;
4. where a transfer occurs by operation of act or regulation;
5. where it is a direct private transfer of securities not in excess of one trading unit, and the interval between any two such transfers is not less than three months.
6. where otherwise approved by the Competent Authority.
The restrictions on transfers of privately placed securities set forth in the preceding paragraph shall be conspicuously annotated on a company's share certificates, and shall be stated on the relevant written documentation delivered to the placee or purchaser.
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