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Chapter Law Content

Title: Insurance Act CH
Category: Financial Supervisory Commission(金融監督管理委員會)
Chapter IV. Insurance of the Person
Section 3. Personal Injury Insurance
Article 131
(Liability of a Personal Accident Insurer)
A personal accident insurer is obligated to pay the insured amount when the insured suffers injury by accident, or becomes disabled or dies on account of such injury.
The term "injury by accident" as used in the preceding paragraph refers to physical harm caused by unforeseen external events other than illness.
Article 132
(Specification of a Personal Accident Insurance Contract)
A personal injury insurance contract, besides specifying the particulars as provided in Article 55, shall also specify the following particulars:
1. Name, age, and domicile of the insured and relationship of the insured to the proposer.
2. Names of the beneficiaries and their relation to the insured, or a method for determining the beneficiaries.
3. The events for which, and the period during which, the insured amount may be claimed.
Article 133
(Insurer not Liable for Payment of the Insurance Amount Conditions)
If the insured willfully commits suicide, or is injured, becomes disabled, or dies as the result of a criminal act, the insurer is not obligated to pay the insured amount.
Article 134
(Forfeiture and Revocation of the Beneficial Right)
A beneficiary who willfully injures the insured is not entitled to claim the insured amount.
When a beneficiary willfully attempts to injure the insured but fails to do so, the insured may revoke such beneficiary's right to receive benefits.
Article 135
(Provisions Applied Mutatis Mutandis)
The provisions of Articles 102 to Article 105, Article 107, Article 107-1, Articles 110 to Article 116, Article 123, Article 124, and paragraph 2 of Article 125 apply mutatis mutandis to personal injury insurance.
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