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Chapter Law Content

Title: Insurance Act CH
Category: Financial Supervisory Commission(金融監督管理委員會)
Chapter III. Non-life Insurance
Section 3. Land and Air Insurance
Article 85
(Liability of Land and Air Insurers)
Unless otherwise stipulated in the contract, land, inland waterway, and aviation insurers are liable, with respect to the subject matter insured, to indemnify for damage, loss, and expenses arising out of all accidents and calamities on land, inland waterways, or in the air.
Article 86
(Period of Cargo Insurance)
With regard to cargo insurance, unless otherwise stipulated in the contract, the term of insurance begins from the time of delivery for transport and continues to the time the cargo is received at the place of destination.
Article 87
(Specification of an Insurance Contract)
An insurance contract, in addition to specifying the particulars provided in Article 55, shall also specify the following particulars:
1. Route and method of transportation.
2. Personal name and business name of transporter.
3. Place of delivery for transport and place of cargo collection.
4. Deadline for transportation, if any.
Article 88
(Effect of Temporary Suspension or Alteration of the Route or Method of Transportation)
If, due to transportation needs, transportation is temporarily suspended or the route or method of transportation is altered, the insurance contract remains valid unless otherwise stipulated therein.
Article 89
(Mutatis Mutandis Application of Marine Insurance)
Unless otherwise provided for in this Section, the relevant provisions for marine insurance apply mutatis mutandis to hull, freight, and cargo insurance for vessels navigating inland waterways.
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