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Chapter Law Content

Title: Civil Code CH
Category: Ministry of Justice(法務部)
Part Ⅱ Obligations
Chapter I General Provisions
Section 6 - Extinction Of Obligations
Sub-section 3 Lodgments
Article 326
When the creditor is in default, or when it is impossible to know exactly who the creditor is so that performance becomes difficult, the person tendering the performance may lodge the prestation for the creditor.
Article 327
Lodgment shall be made in the lodgment office of the courthouse at the place of performance.
Article 328
After the lodgment, the danger of the damage or destruction of the object of the prestation is borne by the creditor, and the debtor is not bound to pay the interest or to compensate for failure to acquire the profits.
Article 329
The creditor is entitled to take delivery of the thing lodged at any time. If, however, the debtor is bound to perform only after a counter-prestation has been performed by the creditor, the debtor may prevent the delivery of the thing lodged, until the counter-prestation has been performed or proper security has been furnished.
Article 330
The right of the creditor to the thing lodged shall be exercised within ten years from the day of lodgment; and if it is not exercised within such period, the ownership of the thing lodged is assigned to the Treasury.
Article 331
If the object of the prestation is not suitable for lodgment, or if it might be damaged or destroyed, or if its lodgment would cost disproportionate expenses, the person tendering the performance may apply to the court of the place of performance to have it sold by auction and to lodge the proceeds of the sale.
Article 332
When the object of the prestation mentioned in the preceding article has a current market value, the court may allow the person tendering the performance to sell it at such market value and to lodge the proceeds of the sale.
Article 333
The costs of lodging the proceeds of the auction or the sale are borne by the creditor.
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