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Laws & Regulations Database of The Republic of China (Taiwan)

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1.Signed on March 17, 1987; Entered into force retroactively on November 7, 1986.
The Chinese Chamber of Commerce to Jakarta and the Indonesian C-
hamber of Commerce to Taipei, under the authorization of their
respective Governments, have agreed to renew for a period of th-
ree years the cooperation for the Integrated Agricultural Devel-
opment Project in East Java, envisaged in the memorandum which
was previously signed at Taipei on February 8, 1985 and expired
on November 6, 1986.
This Memorandum retroactively takes effect on November 7, 1986
with the following amendments :
A.Demonstration Activities
To maximize the multiple effect of the projects, demonstratio-
n activities in certain areas will be done in the fields of f-
ood crops, animal husbandry, fishery, horticulture, soil cons-
ervation, and home food processing. The period of demonstrati-
on shall be long enough to allow the farmers to easily follow
the results.
B.Experts and Wing Language
(a) The Agricultural Technical Mission with a total of fourteen
specialists shall be composed as follows :
One mission leader
Two agronormists
One plant protection specialist
One cattle (beef) specialist
One dairy management specialist
One shrimp culture specialist
One brackish water aquaculture specialist
One soil and water conservation specialist
One home-scale fruits processing and marketing specialist
Two horticulturists
Two specialists requested by the
Joint-Committee :
One tobacco specialist
One sugarcane specialist
(b) Their working language shall be English.
Any tax levied by the Indonesian Government on the Chinese ex-
perts shall be absorbed or reimbursed by the local Government
of East Java
D.Training Programme
Training programme in Indonesia as well as in the Republic of
China shall be conducted as requested by the Indonesian side
and agreed upon by the Chinese side.
Done at Taipei, in duplicate, in the English language, on the
Seventeenth day of March of the year of One Thousand Nine Hun-
dred and Eighty Seven.
Hai-Tu Tsai
Anthon Sanjoto
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