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1.Signed on September 30, 2003; Entered into force on September 30, 2003.

The Government of the Republic of China and the Government of
Tuvalu, desirous of further promoting and strengthening the fri-
endly relations between the two countries, have decided to expa-
nd their existing technical cooperation to the development of
Tuvalu's agricultural sector, and have agreed to the following:

Article 1
1.The Government of the Republic of China agrees to dispatch to
Tuvalu an Agricultural Technical Mission (hereinafter referred
to as "the Mission") whose size shall be determined by the two
2.Being subject to the prior consent of landowners as jointly
determined by the two Governments, the Mission agrees:
(a) to conduct demonstrations on the planting of vegetables, ro-
ot crops and tree crops as well as other crops to be determ-
ined by the two Governments in experimental farms in Tuvalu;
(b) to designate the agricultural nursery facility on Funafuti
as an experimental farm for the production of varieties of
vegetable, fruits and other crops to be determined by the
two governments.
(c) to conduct extension projects aiming at increasing agricult-
ural production in Tuvalu by providing information and advi-
ce on improved agricultural techniques to the management st-
aff of the Department of Agriculture of the Ministry of Nat-
ural Resources, or to selected farmers at places to be dete-
rmined by the two Governments.
3.Any new project to be undertaken, or any change to the existi-
ng projects being undertaken by the Mission, shall be agreed
upon through exchange of notes between the two Governments.

Article II
The Government of the Republic of China agrees: defray the traveling expenses of the Mission to and from
Tuvalu and to pay the salaries of its members during the peri-
od of their service in Tuvalu; pay the appropriate electricity and water bills for any ho-
using facilities provided by the Government of Tuvalu and used
by the Mission; supply the Mission with the farming implements, tools, fer-
tilizers, pesticides and other materials needed for its demon-
Further provision of such machinery, equipments, seeds, ferti-
lizers, pesticides, and other items needed for the establishm-
ent and implementation of new projects shall be agreed upon
between the two Governments; provide the Mission with the appropriate vehicles for the
projects agreed upon between the two governments;
5.for the convenience of the Missions staff and projects, to pr-
ovide the mission with other goods and services agreed upon
through exchange of notes between the two Governments, unless
otherwise provided for in this Agreement; and hand over to the Government of Tuvalu all agricultural pro-
ducts of the Mission in excess of the amounts required for
demonstrations and the Mission's own consumption.

Article III
The Government of Tuvalu agrees: provide adequate land for the Mission to carry out its work
as specified in Article I, 2, (a) of this Agreement; provide members of the Mission in each of the projects with
appropriate furnished living quarters with water and electric-
ity, and pay for the rent of the housing; provide and pay for the labor required to assist in establ-
ishing and implementing the projects defined in this Agreement exempt from all import, customs, sales, and other duties
and taxes all items referred to in Article II, 3 of this Agre-
ement; and grant members of the Mission:
(a) exemption from taxation on their salaries and allowances;
(b) exemption from all import, customs and other duties and tax-
es on their personal and household effects introduced upon
their first entry in Tuvalu;
(c) medical treatment on the same terms granted to civil servan-
ts employed by the Government of Tuvalu; and
(d) equal treatment, for other points not specifically covered
under this Article, as that accorded to members of a mission
from any third country implementing in Tuvalu a technical
cooperation project for the development of Tuvalu.

Article IV
This Agreement shall enter into force on the date of its signat-
ure by both Governments and shall remain valid for a period of
three years. It may thereafter be renewed for successive three
years periods through exchange of notes between the two Governm-

Article V
This Agreement may be terminated by a ninety (90) days prior wr-
itten notice by either Government to the other. This Agreement
is done in duplicate in the Chinese and English languages, both
texts being equally authentic.

In Witness, Whereof, the undersigned, duly authorized thereto
by their respective Governments, have signed this Agreement.

Done at Funafuti on this Thirtieth day of the month of September
of the Ninety-second year of the Republic of China, correspondi-
ng to the Thirtieth day of the month of September of the year
two thousands and three of the Gregorian calendar.

For the Government of For the Government of
The Republic of China Tuvalu

____________________ ____________________
H.E.Antonio C.S.Chen Hon. Samuelu P. Teo
Ambassador to Tuvalu Minister of Natural
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