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1.Signed on November 25, 2002. Entered into force on November 25, 2002.
WHEREAS the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Hanoi and the
Vietnam Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei (hereinafter ref-
erred to as the Contracting Parties) in recognition of the impo-
rtance of international efforts to protect endangered species,
are desirous to increase bilateral technical cooperation in ord-
er to achieve the goal of protecting and preserving endangered
flora and fauna;
NOW, THEREFORE, the Contracting Parties have agreed as follows:

Article 1
Channels of Communication
The Council of Agriculture of the Executive Yuan in Taipei and
the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development in Hanoi sha-
ll maintain direct contacts, and through the4se contacts encour-
age effective communication between pertinent wildlife manageme-
nt and scientific departments, so that the Contracting Parties
will be able to engage in the mutual exchange of intelligence a-
nd work together to prevent and control the illegal import and
export of endangered species.

Article 2
Investigative Work and Law Enforcement
(1) Each Contracting Party, in deference to the jurisdiction of
the other Party's laws, agrees to allow the other Party to
dispatch law enforcement personnel to the territory under i-
ts jurisdiction, in order that such personnel can assist lo-
cal law enforcement authorities to investigate and act agai-
nst the international smuggling of endangered species.
(2) The supervisory law enforcement authorities of each Contract
ing Party shall make every effort to meet the demands made
by the other Party in connection with such joint investigat-
ive work and law enforcement as described in the preceding
section, and shall also provide necessary assistance and ac-
tive support.

Article 3
Exchange of Information on perpetration of Violations
When in the course of cooperative joint efforts a Contracting P-
arty arrests any citizen of the other Party for conduction ille-
gal acts within the territory under its jurisdiction, the said
Contraction Party shall indict the violator(s) according to its
domestic laws and regulations and shall inform the other Party
of the violator(s) according to its domestic laws and regulatio-
ns and shall inform the other Party of the violator(s) acts and
of the nature and results of the investigation of the acts.

Article 4
Education, Research and Training
(1) The Contracting Parties agree to cooperate to improve crimi-
nal investigation technologies, including laboratory tests,
in order to determine whether or not confiscated products c-
ontain endangered species.
(2) The Contracting Parties agree to strengthen education and t-
raining for law Enforcement personnel in the areas of under-
cover investigation and all other Categories of investigati-
ve and law enforcement technology, in order to raise the le-
vel of their investigative technology.

Article 5
Consultations on Conservation Measures
With respect to all manner of surveys and research on endangered
flora and fauna, as well as other conservation measures and work
related to the planning and management of all categories of pro-
tected areas, the Contracting Parties shall provide each other
with necessary advice or opportunities for onsite observation a-
nd study.

Article 6
International Distribution of Information Related to Conservati-
(1) The Contracting Parties agree to distribute, both domestica-
lly and internationally, information on the achievements of
their cooperative efforts at an appropriate time. In order
to publicize their conservation efforts, the Contracting Pa-
rties also agree to deliver reports on such efforts at major
international meetings when such opportunities arise.
(2) The Contracting Parties agree to intensify exchanges in the
area of production and printing of wildlife conservation pu-
blicity materials.

Article 7
Division of Financial Responsibility
The division of responsibility for the costs incurred as a resu-
lt of carrying out the activitie4s described in Article 4 shall
be determined by the Contracting Parties as part of a later agr-

Article 8
Entry into Force and Duration of Effect
(1) This Memorandum shall enter into force upon the date on whi-
ch the Contracting Parties notify each other that their res-
pective legal procedures required for the entry into force
of this Memorandum have been completed.
(2) Either of the Contracting Parties may terminate this Memora-
ndum at any time by notifying the other Party in writing ni-
nety days in advance.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned, being duly authorized by t-
heir respective Governments have signed and sealed this Memoran-

Done at Ha Noi、Taipei on the Nov. 25 day of 2002 in duplicate
in the Chinese, Vietnammese, and English languages, each beign
equally authentic. However, in case of any divergence of interp-
retation, the English text shall prevail.

For the For the
Taipei Economic and Cultural Vietnam Economic and Cultural
Office in Hanoi Office in Taipei

Nan-huei Huang
────────────── ───────────────

Representative Representative
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