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1.Signed on December 27, 2001 Entered into force on January 1, 2002
The Internation Cooperation and Development Fund Republic of Ch-
ina (hereinafter referred to as the "First Party"), and the Roy-
al Project Foundation, kingdom of Tahiland (hereinafter referred
to as the "Second Party"),
Considering the agricultural technical cooperation which has ex-
isted bteween both parties since 1973;
Recongnizing the excellent results of the cooperation between b-
oth parties in the field of agricultural development which has
benefited both parties;
Desiring to consolidate the cordial relations by means of furth-
ering closer cooperation on the Royal Project;
Being duly authorized;
Have agreed to sign this Agreement to implement the program ent-
itled "The Assistance from the Republic of China for the Royal
Project on Research and Development" as an extension of previous
cooperation. The First Party agrees to provide technical assist-
ance to the projects as follows:(1) Fruit Research and Developm-
ent, (2) Vegetable Research and Development, (3) Research and d-
evelopment of natural healthy food and food processing. The imp-
lementation of each project shall base on priority order, and s-
ubject to mutual consultation and agreement.
Section I. Scope of this Agreement and Obligations of the Parti-
Article Ⅰ
1.The First Party agrees to dispatch a R.O.C. Agricultural Tech-
nical Mission (hereinafter referred to "the Mission") which s-
hall be composed of certain mutually agreed number of agricul-
tural experts, to carry out the aforementioned projects.
2.The First Party shall defray the traveling expenses of the af-
orementiond experts of the Mission to and from Thailand and s-
hall pay their salaries and allowances during the period of t-
heir service in Thailand.
3.The Second Party shall exempt the aforementioned experts from
taxation on their salaries and allowances, and from import du-
ties and taxes on their personal and household effects.
4.The Second Party shall accord the members of the Mission and
their dependents facilities for their entry into, and departu-
re from Thailand during the period of their service, and shall
provide free general medical checkup and treatment for members
of the Mission.
Article Ⅱ
1.The first Party shall provide the Mission with the necessary
agricultural implements and seeds available in the Republic of
2.The Second Party shall exempt the said agricultural implements
and seeds from customs duties and other taxes, shall pay ware-
housing, wharfage and other related expenses and shall be res-
ponsible for transporting them to the locality of the Project.
Article Ⅲ
Ths Second Party shall provide the Mission with adequate manual
labours, the necessary agricultural implements and seeds not pr-
oduced in the Republic of China, fertilizers, pesticides, furni-
shed housing for the members of the Mission, and transportation
for all offical purposes, as well as office accommodation and s-
Article Ⅳ
The agricultural products raised by the Mission, except a reaso-
nable protion thereof kept for the consumption of the Mission or
for the use of seeds and specimens, shall be turned over to the
Second Party.
Article Ⅴ
The First Party agrees to grant scholarships on training and st-
udy tours conducted in the Republic of China as requested by the
Second Party and agreed on by the First Party.
Article Ⅵ
The Second party shall present the writted application for assi-
stance in research and/or development projects mutually agreed
on by both parties, and the final reports of the projects to the
First Party.

Section Ⅱ.General provision
Article Ⅶ
This Agreement shall enter into force from the first day of jan-
uary 2002 after its signature, and shall remain effective for a
period of three years and thereafter it shall be automatically
renewed for further successive periods of three years each unle-
ss either Party terminates it upon six-month prior written noti-
ce to the other.
IN WITNESS WHEREOF,being duly authorized by their respective Go-
verments, the representatives of the two contracting parties ha-
ve affixed their signatures thereto.
Done at Chiang-Mai, the Kingdom of Thailand in duplicate in the
English language on the twentyseventh day of December of the ni-
nety year of the Republic of China, corresponding to the twenty-
seventh day of December of the year two thousand and one.
For the Intrernational For the Royal
Cooperation and Project Foundation,
Development Fund, R.O.C Kingdom of Thailand

Hung-mao Tien Bhisatej Rajani
Dr.Hung-mao Tien M.C.Bhisatej Rajani
Chairman Chairman
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