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1.Signed on August l4,1996; Entered into force on September 25, 1996.
During their one-week visit to Vietnam (7-14 Aug. 1996), the hi-
gh-ranking health mission from the Department of Health, Taiwan
(DOH) headed by H.E.Dr.Po-Ya Chang had discussions and agreemen-
ts with the National Committee for Population and Family Planni-
ng of Vietnam (NCPFP) as follows:
1.Both parties noted with satisfaction that their mutual cooper-
ation plan of l996 in the field of family planning has been s-
uccessfully implemented, and agreed to continue their coopera-
tion in the year l997.
2.DOH will accept the following personnel selected by NCPFP for
training in the field of family planning in Taiwan within the
year l997:
2.l Three groups of 6 persons, each for two-weeks training for
the observation of Taiwan's family planning programme,
2.2 One group of 8 persons for three-weeks training in family p-
lanning programme management,
2.3 One group of 4 persons for three-weeks training in such asp-
ects as planning, execution, statistical analysis of resear-
ch projects in family planning.
Both parties agreed that while NCPFP will pay for economic-
class air-fares from Hanoi to Taipei and return for the par-
ticipants, DOH will cover the costs of hotel accommodation,
perdiem and local transportation during the training course
in Taiwan.
3.Both parties further agreed that DOH will send to Vietnam:
3.1 One team of specialists in training to assist NCPFP in iden-
tifying training needs and in planning of training strategi-
3.2 One team of specialists in research to assist NCPFP in the
management of research projects.
4.Upon an official request for assistance from the Vietnam Fami-
ly Planning Association (VINAFPA) to the Planned Parenthood A-
ssociation of China in Taiwan (PPAC), DOH agreed to support s-
uch a request at the board meeting of PPAC.
Both parties also agreed to exchange information curriculum a-
nd text books, and other materials which may be useful for the
training and research work in the field of family planning.
Should any further discussions necessary for the success of t-
he implementation of this memorandum, both parties will excha-
nge by fares or letters.
This memorandum was done in Hochiminh city on 14 August, 1996
in two copies in English.
It is fully understood by both parties that this memorandum w-
ill become effective only after it is approved by the respect-
ive government of either party.

For the Department of Health For the National Committee
Taiwan For Population and Family Planning
[Signed] [Signed]
Jeff Tsai Le Tien Thien
Director Director
Int'l Cooperation Office Int'l Relations Dept.
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