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1.Signed on May 27 and June 4, 1987; Entered into force on June 15, 1987.
Based on the article 6th of the Convention, the undersigned dec-
ided to establish between their postal services, the Internatio-
nal Express Mail Service under the following conditions.

Article 1
Purpose of the Agreement
This agreement regulates the reciprocal exchange of Internation-
al EMS (Express Mail Service) items between the contracting Adm-

Article 2
Rendered Services
The signatory Administrations put at the disposal of their chie-
nts a scheduled and/ or on demand service between places of ori-
gin and of destination.

Article 3.
Schedule Service
1 Each Administration offers a scheduled service on a contractu-
al basis to customers who agree to use the service on a previ-
ously fixed level of frequency for sending their items to des-
ignated addressees. The periodicity of the despatches will be
at least once a month.
2 Each Administration supplies the other with a list of localit-
ies to which the service is available and with a schedule of
approximate delivery times to each locality, based on interna-
tional timetables of air and rail services used to carry the
3 Before the conclusion of any contract, the Administration of
destination is consulted on the possibility of guaranteeing t-
he service, by means of a form drawn up for that purpose.
4 When a contract, for scheduled service is concluded, the Admi-
nistration of origin supplies the Administrations of destinat-
ion with the following information, at least 10 days before t-
he service comes into operation :
(I) The contract number of the customer concerned in each des-
(II) The names and addresses of the sender and the addressee ;
(III) The scheduled despatch day (s);
(IV) The airline and flight number to be used ;
(V) Time of delivery requested ;
(VI) The date of begining the link
5 The Administration of destination must be always notified of
any changes introduced on the link, or of its termination.

Article 4
On-Demand Service
1 Each Administration may offer ondemand service, which shall be
available to customers on a contractual or non-contractual ba-
2 Each Administration supplies the other a list of localities to
which on-demand EMS items may be sent.
3 Each Administration supplies the other a schedule of approxim-
ate delivery times to each locality where on--demand service
is available. This schedule shall be based on the internation-
al timetables of air and rail services used to despatch the i-
4 Each Administration informs the other all the identifying mar-
ks or figures used for on--demand service.

Article 5
Admitted Items
1 Each Administration shall communicate to the other the necess-
ary information concerning customs or other regulations as we-
ll as the prohibitions on restrictions governing incoming pos-
tal items.
2 Each Administration shall make every effort to assure the cus-
toms clearance and the despatch of the EMS items in the short-
est period of time.

Article 6
The prohibitions which are in the Universal Postal Convention a-
re applicable to all International Express Mail items. The same
goes for the restrictions mentionned in the prohibited articles,
list published by the International Bureau (IB) of the UPU.

Article 7
Size and Weight Limits
1 Size maximum 1,05 meters for any dimension and 2 meters for t-
he addition of the length and the greatest outline, measured
in a direction other than that of the length.
2 Each item must not exceed 20 Kg in weight.

Article 8
Undeliverable Items
1 After every reasonable effort to deliver an item has proved u-
nsuccessful, the item shall be held at the disposal of the ad-
dressee, for the period of retention provided by the regulati-
ons of the Administration of destination.
2 An item refused by the addressee shall be returned immediatel-
y to the Administration of origin.
3 Undelivered items shall be returned to the Administration of
origin through International Express Mail Service.
4 There will be no devolution charges for the return of undeliv-
erable items.

Article 9
1 Each Administration fix the charges to be collected from its
senders using express mail service and keeps the whole of the
revenue obtained.
2 The Administration of destination is authorised to collect fr-
om the addressee the customs duties, other non--postal fees a-
nd the coustom's postal charges.

Artice 10
Traffic Imbalance
1 At the end of each calendar year, The Administration which re-
ceived a larger number of EMS items, than it has sent during
that year, have the right to collect from the other, as compe-
nsation , an imbalance charge for the handling and delivery c-
osts it has incurred for each additional item received.
2 Each Administration shall establish an imbalance charge per i-
tem whcih shall correspond to the costs of services,
3 The Administration may increase the amount of the imbalance c-
harges based on the internal costs development.
4 Any modification of the imbalance charge must be communicated
to the other Administration at least three months in advance
and remain in force for at least one year.
5 No compensation will take place if the difference in the numb-
er of items exchanged is less than on hundred.

Article 11
1 Each Administration is engaged to answer, in the shortest pos-
sible time, enquiries relating to any international express m-
ail item posted by the other.
2 The right of enquiring will stop 90 days after the date on wh-
ich the item was posted.
3 This article does not authorize routine request for confirmat-
ion of delivery.

Article 12
Liability of Administrations
Each Administration shall establish its own policy in the case
of loss, damage, theft or delay. Neither Administration may cla-
im indemnification from the other, unless previously agreed.

Article 13
Temporary Suspension and Resumption of Service
1 If exceptional circumstances justify, each Administration may
temporarily suspend the service.
2 The other Administration must be immediatly notified of the s-
uspension and date of restarton resumptior of the service.

Article 14
Application of the Convention
The Convention or its detailed regulations shall be applicable
as subsidiary right in all cases not expressly governed by this
Agreement of its detailed regulations.

Article 15
Alterations on Amendments; A ditional Rules and Regulations
This Agreement or its detailed regulations may be altered or am-
ended by mutual consent by means of correspondence between the
Administrations concerned.

Article 16
Entry into Force and Duration
1 This Agreement shall enter into force on the date mutually ag-
reed by the signatory Administrations.
2 The denouncing of the present Agreement may be done by either
Administration with a minimum of 6 months term for giving not-

Done in duplicate and signed at :
Taipei , on the 27th day of May , 1987
and Lisboa, on the 4th day of June , 1987



Director Geral de Correios
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