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Laws & Regulations Database of The Republic of China (Taiwan)

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1.Signed on May 08, 2018 and April 10, 2018 Entered into force on June 01, 2018
The Administrative Commission of the Free Trade Agreement
between the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Republic of
Guatemala (“ the Agreement ” ), pursuant to its powers and in
accordance with established in the Article 17.01 paragraphs 1, 2
(a) and (f), 3 (e) and 5 of the Agreement.


To adopt the “ Directive for the Application of Article 4.14
(Transit and Transshipment) of the Agreement. ” as provided in
Annex to this Decision.

Done in duplicate in the Chinese, Spanish and English languages,
all versions are equally authentic. In the event of any
discrepancy in the interpretation of this Decision, the English
version shall prevail.

The present Decision will enter into force the June 1 of 2018.

For the Government of the For the Government of the
Republic of China (Taiwan) Republic of Guatemala
__________________________ _______________________________
Jong-Chin Shen Acisclo Valladares Urriela

Minister Minister
Ministry of Economic Affairs Ministry of Economy

Date: 8(day)/5(month)/2018 Date:10(day)/04(month)/2018
Place: Taipei City Place: Guatemala City
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