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1.Signed on August 26, 2017 Entered into force on August 25, 2017
The Parties to the MOU

Contributor: Chinese Taipei
Recipient: Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Secretariat

Purpose of the MOU
The Contributor is willing to make a voluntary contribution to
relevant APEC funds, in support of APEC ’ s Economic and
Technical Cooperation (ECOTECH) activities, which meet the
capacity building needs of APEC members as well as promoting
regional economic integration. To this end, the Contributor has
decided to contribute to the APEC Support Fund Women and the
Economy Sub Fund, APEC Support Fund Human Security Sub Fund and
APEC Policy Support Unit.

Amount of the Contribution
The Contributor will provide a total amount of USD600,000 (the
Contribution) to the Recipient into an account specified by the
Recipient in the year 2017. The Recipient will transfer the
designated amount specified by the Contributor to the
appropriate funds or accounts. Of the Contribution, 500,000 US
dollars will be directed to the APEC Support Fund Women and the
Economy Sub Fund whereas another 50,000 US dollars will be
directed to APEC Support Fund Human Security Sub Fund and 50,000
US dollars will be directed to APEC Policy Support Unit in the
year 2017, subject to the appropriate and applicable laws and
regulations of Chinese Taipei, and within its budget

Management of the Contribution
The Recipient will exercise administrative and financial
management of the contribution and will maintain full records of
the contribution to the APEC Support Fund Women and the Economy
Sub Fund, APEC Support Fund Human Security Sub Fund, and APEC
Policy Support Unit, including accounts of income and
expenditure. The Recipient will make available the information
on all the transactions of the contribution in the
aforementioned accounts to the Contributor through the
independent Annual Auditor ’ s Report and written reports if
requested by the Contributor.

Approval of Projects
The APEC Secretariat may call for and receive project proposals
from interested economies or fora, while interested economies,
including the Contributor may apply for the APEC Support Fund
under the established procedures and guidelines on APEC
projects. The APEC Senior Officials ’ Meeting (SOM), committees
and sub-fora will assess the proposals, where appropriate, in
accordance with jointly determined criteria and procedures and
the APEC Secretariat will make recommendations to the Budget and
Management Committee (BMC) for the approval of the projects. The
Recipient will hold early consultations with the Contributor
before the projects are referred to the BMC for approval if
needed and as appropriate. For the APEC Policy Support Unit, the
projects will be managed in accordance with its Governance

Annual Reports
The Recipient will prepare an Annual Report of the activities of
the ASF including acquittals. The Report will be considered by
BMC and the Contributor. The Report for the APEC Policy Support
Unit will be considered by the APEC Policy Support Unit Board.
The Recipient will act upon comments made on the Annual Report
by the BMC and the Contributor.

Audited financial statements for the ASF will be prepared and
the auditor ’ s report will be presented to the BMC. A copy of
the audited financial statements will be provided to the
Contributor if requested. The accounts of the APEC Policy
Support Unit will be audited and prepared in accordance with its
Governance Arrangements.

Recognition of the Contribution
APEC will specify the contribution of the Chinese Taipei in
relevant meetings, reports and press releases.

This MOU will come into effect on the date of signature and may
be terminated, in whole or in part, by either Party at any time
upon 30 days ’ written notice of termination. Upon termination
of the MOU, the Contributor remains committed to provide funds
to those projects that have already been approved under this
MOU. The Recipient will return any uncommitted funds to the
Contributor 30 days after receipt of the notification.

Signed in duplicate at Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam on the 26th
day of August, 2017, in the English language.

SIGNED for and on SIGNED for and on
behalf of Chinese behalf of the Asia-
Taipei by Pacific Economic
Cooperation Secretariat

…………………… ……………………
Ambassador Dr Alan Bollard
Pei-Yung Hsu

Chinese Taipei APEC Executive Director
Senior Official Asia-Pacific Economic
Director General Cooperation (APEC)
Department of Secretariat
Ministry of Foreign


…………………… ……………………
Connie Chang Hew Wei Yen
(Denis Hew)
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