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1.Signed on February 05 and January 17, 2014 Entered into force on February 05, 2014
The Ministry of Economic Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan)
(hereinafter referred to as the “ MOEA ” )and the Ministry of
Economy, Republic of El Salvador (hereinafter referred to as the
“ MINEC ” ), hereinafter referred to individually as a “
Party ” and jointly as “ the Parties ”;

IN ORDER to encourage cooperation related to micro-, small- and
medium-sized enterprises (hereinafter referred to as “ MSMEs ”
)through, inter alia, the sharing of information and joint

Have agreed on the following:

Article 1
Scope of Cooperation
1 The Parties shall cooperate in accordance with the provisions
of this Agreement on MSMEs and related issues that are
mutually agreed upon.
2 The Parties may engage in mutually agreed joint activities
related to, inter alia, the following areas:
2.1 Sharing information on MSME-related programs and services
that each Party provides, including, but not limited to the
2.1.1 capital access (credit guarantees, investment, financing,
2.1.2 technical assistance (counseling, training, trade
promotion, etc.);
2.1.3 innovation and development;
2.1.4 industrial design.
2.2 Exchanging information between the Parties on the following:
2.2.1 Policies and initiatives of the Parties concerning the
promotion and encouragement of MSMEs.
2.2.2 Financing and credit policies and programs concerning
2.2.3 Innovation programs tailored to MSMEs.
2.2.4 Training programs, including those aimed at raising the
managerial skills of MSME owners and potential
2.2.5 Training programs for trainers of MSMEs.
2.2.6 Investment opportunities in MSMEs and business
opportunities for MSMEs.
2.3 Organizing joint meetings between the MSMEs of both Parties
so as to assess and exchange cooperation opportunities.
2.4 Arranging activities between the Parties related to MSMEs.
3 Any activities undertaken by a Party pursuant to this
Agreement shall be implemented within the party ’ s own
budgetary limitations. This Agreement shall not obligate
either Party to provide any funding for related cooperative

Article 2
Contact Points
The Parties have agreed that the contact points for regular
communication and follow-up action between them shall be as
On behalf of the MOEA:
a) Embassy of the Republic of China (Taiwan).
b) Small and Medium Enterprise Administration, Ministry of
Economic Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan).
On behalf of the MINEC:
a) Embassy of the Republic of El Salvador.
b) National Commission on Micro and Small Enterprises, Ministry
of Economy, Republic of El Salvador (Conamype).

Article 3
Settlement of Disputes
Any dispute or difference arising out of the interpretation or
application of this Agreement, shall be settled by mutual
consultations or friendly negotiations between the Parties.

Article 4
Entry into Force and Termination
This Agreement shall enter into force on the date of signature.
Either Party may terminate this Agreement by providing written
notice at least ninety (90) days in advance of the proposed
termination date.

Article 5
The Parties may amend this Agreement through an exchange of

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned being duly authorized
thereto have signed this Agreement in duplicate in the Chinese,
Spanish and English languages, with all texts equally authentic.
In the event of any divergence of interpretation, the English
text shall prevail.

On behalf of the Ministry of On behalf of the Ministry of
Economic Affairs Republic of Economy Republic of El Salvador
China (Taiwan)

____________________________ ____________________________
Dr. Chia-Juch Chang Mr. Jose Armando Flores Aleman
Minister Minister

Date: 01.17.2014 Date: 05.02.2014
Place: Taipei, Taiwan Place: San Salvador, El Salvador
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