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1.Signed on November 05, 2013 Entered into force on November 05, 2013
ASSOCIATION (hereinafter individually referred to as “ Side ”
), having regard to paragraphs 3(1) and 3(7) of the Arrangement
between the Association of East Asian Relations and the
Interchange Association for the Establishment of the Respective
Overseas Offices of 26 December 1972, reaffirming the need for
patent protection as a key element for fostering technological
innovation and accelerating economic development, noting the
increasing necessity to adequately cope with the ever-growing
number of internationally filed patent applications resulting
from a significant demand for patent protection in the context
of globalization of the world economy, acknowledging the
importance of ensuring high quality, expeditious and inexpensive
patent protection for applicants filing their applications for
each other, recognizing the electronic exchange of certified
copies of patent applications that serve as the basis for a
claim for priority under article 2(1) of Annex 1C of the
Marrakesh Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization
(hereinafter referred to as “ priority documents ” )will
benefit applicants by reducing the cost of ordering certified
copies of priority documents and providing priority documents to
the relevant authority of the second filing in a more timely
manner, desiring to further enhance their significant role in
cooperative efforts to be made worldwide in the field of
patents, will cooperate with each other in order to obtain
necessary consent from the relevant authorities with regard to
the matters as follows:
1. “ Priority Document eXchange ” (hereinafter referred to as
“ PDX ” )will be commenced. The basic concept of the PDX is
the electronic transfer between the relevant authorities of
both sides of priority documents in patents and utility
models applications.
2. PDX will begin in 2013 promptly after all necessary
arrangements for it are finalized.
3. The documents for the implementation of PDX will be finalized
before the start of the PDX.
4. This Memorandum of Understanding and the documents for the
implementation of PDX will be reviewed regularly and can be
modified by mutual consent upon request by either Side.
5. This Memorandum of Understanding shall enter into force on
the date of signature.
6. This Memorandum of Understanding has been made in the English
language. The representative of the Association of East Asian
Relations and the representative of the Interchange
Association signed this Memorandum of Understanding in
Taipei, on November 5 2013.


Lee, Chia-Chin Mitsuo Ohashi
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