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1.Signed in October 1995; Entered into force in October 1995 and Amended on December 18, 1995.
This Agreement serves to promote free trade and reduce trade ba-
rriers in the spirit of GATT, of the Treaty of Rome and of the
Single European Act.
The aim of this agreement is to avoid multiple assessment of or-
ganizations' Quality Systetms.
The undersigned parties undertake
- to assess the organizations' Quality Systems on the basis of
ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and ISO 9003,
- to operate equivalent procedures for carrying out quality aud-
its, for the qualification of auditors, for the certification
and surveillance of oraganizatioins' Quality Systems, these p-
rocedures being described in mutually exchanged system docume-
Each of the two parties recognizes that having reviewed and obs-
erved the operation of the other party's procedures
- the certification of organizations' Quality Systems, carried
out by the other party according to procedures and described
in documents provided by this agreement, is equivalent to its
own certification;
- the certificates issued by the other party for a given quality
assurance model and a given scope of activity, are equivalent
to certificates issued by itself.
Each of the parties agrees
- to promote to the best of its ability the acceptability and u-
se by customers of any organization the Quality System of whi-
ch has been certified by either party;
- if requested by a certified organization, to add as an append-
ix to certificates issued by itself the following statment of
for DQS According to the agreement between DQS and BCIQ (Bureau
of Commodity Inspection and Quarantine), dated October 1995 it
is hereby confirmed that this DQS certificate is equivalent to
BCIQ certificate.
for BCIQ According to the agreement between BCIQ and DQS (Deuts-
che Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung von Qualitatsmanagementsyst-
emen mbH) dated October 1995 this is to confirm that this BCIQ
certificate is equivalent to a DQS certificate.
- to refer organizations which apply for certification and which
are located in the country of the other party to that party (
subject to agreement by the applicant organization);
Recognizing the need many organizations have of obtaining certi-
ficates in countries other than their own, the parties will coo-
perate to provide the most effective service to the organizatio-
Should an organization located in one country (a) require the c-
ertificate issued by the party of the other country (b), this w-
ill normally be effected by the party in country (b) requesting
the party in country (a) to carry out the quality audit and to
transmit the resulting Quality Audit Report to the party in cou-
ntry (b). The report shall be written in English. The certifica-
te will then be issued on the basis of this - if satisfactory -
Should an organization located in one country specifically wish-
es to be audited by the party of the other country, this latter
party will inform the other party, and arrangement for carrying
out the quality audit, issuing a certificate(s) and surveillance
of this organization's Quality Syetem will be agreed by the two
parties and this organization.
Should an organization in the country of Party (a) holding a ce-
rtificate issued by this Party (a), wish in additon, to obtain
the certificate of the other party (b), the organization must m-
ake application direct to party (b). Party (b) will on receipt
of a satisfactory Audit Report* (written in English) issue the
certificate** for the same scope and quality assurance model of
ISO 9001, ISO 9002 or ISO 9003. The applicant organization will
be required to pay the normal application and certification fees
to Party (b). Surveillance of the organization's Quality System
will be agreed by the two parties.
- to carry out regular common quality audits and surveillance v-
isits in order to ensure the equivalent execution of the agre-
ed procedures;
- to provide the other party, without delay, with any new docum-
ent modifying its own procedures;
- to maintain contact with each other to ensure the smooth appl-
ication of this agreement-representatives of both parties will
meet periodically to review its operation and resolve any pro-
blems which may have arisen;
- to accept liability for and to indemnify and to hold harmless
the other party against any liability or claim or proceedings
arising out of each party's obligation under this Agreement.**
- to inform the other party of any other bilateral agreement re-
lating to recognition of organization's quality system certif-
- to revise, if necessary, this agreement if a multinational ag-
reement is signed by one of the two parties.

The present agreement has been drawn up in English.

This agreement may be revised by written agreement between DQS
and BCIQ and may be terminated by either party upon 90 days wri-
tten notice.

Berlin/Frankfurt, October 1995 Taipei, October 1995

For DQS for BCIQ

The President Director General
[Signed] [Signed]
Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Hansen Mr. P.S. Hsu
Managing Director
(Berlin Office)
Dr.-Ing. Klaus Petrick

Compiler's Note: The term marked with "***" was amended as foll-
ows on December 18, 1995.
- to acknowledge its legal responsibility in carrying out its a-
ctivities in accordance with this agreement and to undertake
to ensure that no consequent liability falls upon the other p-
- not to disclose to any third-party confidential information t-
hat may be imparted from one party to the other withot the wr-
itten consent of the party finalising the confidential inform-
* Party (a) shall be able to demonstrate that expertise in the
relevant sector of industry (to which the organization belong-
s) was present in the audit team for the certification audit.
Records of the qualifications of auditors used shall be avail-
able on request.
** The certificate will state that the basing quality audit was
performed by Party (a).
*** see the compiler's note at the end of this Agreement
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