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1.Signed on October 29,1979; Entered into force on November 10,1979.
This agreement shall be subject to approval by the controlling
authorities of the respective organizations concerned. It becom-
es effective on the date of such approval.
The parties agree upon the following aspects of mutual scientif-
ic and technical cooperation in regard to their respective func-
(1) The exchange of current scientific and tecnnical information
and source material, including
(a) regular journals, official gazettes, scientific papers and
publications relating to the standards issued by each par-
ty; and
(b) particulars of methods and apparatus employed by each in
the course of operations.
(2) When so requested, to act as intermediary in establishing c-
ontact with government agencies or commercial and industrial
interests in the reciprocating country.
(3) When so requested, for each other's benefit to arrange trai-
ning courses, practical instruction sessions or seminars for
scientific and technical personnel and to make preparations
for visits. The accepting party shall set up the training p-
rogram, prepare training material and assume responsibility
for attendant costs. Travelling and subsistence expenses sh-
all be borne by the party submitting the request.
Any amendment or revision of this agreement shall require the c-
oncurrence of both parties.
The agreement shall terminate sixty days after notification to
this effect by one party to the other.
Signed at Pretoria on this 29th dy of October 1979.
C. O. Kou
Director General
National Bureau of Standards
Ministry of Fconomic Affairs
Republic of China
R.F.J. Teichmann
Director General
South African Bureau of Standards
Republic of South Africa
N. Van Der Merwe
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