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1.Signed on December 2, 2006; Entered into force on December 2, 2006.
The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Hanoi and the
Vietnamese Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei (hereinafter
referred to singularly as "the Party" and collectively as "both
Parties") appreciating the importance of education as a factor
of economic development as well as a means to enhance friendly
relations, and desiring to promote cooperation in the field of
education; have agreed as follows:

Article 1
Objective of Agreement

This Agreement is to promote cooperation in the field of
education and the advancement of knowledge and intellectual
development for the mutual benefit of both Parties.

Article 2
Cooperation activities

For the objectives of this Agreement, designated educational
institutions of both Parties shall cooperate in the following
1.exchanges of academic staffs, teachers, experts and students
for programs that will be of mutual benefit to both Parties.
Such exchanges may involve teaching assignments and
researches, which may result in joint reports, publications or
study visits;
2.undertake to provide scholarships for teaching staffs and
students at recognized higher education institutions of both
3.undertake to further develop bilateral programs between
institutions of educational excellence in the areas of higher
education as well as higher and secondary professional
4.undertake to facilitate the training of educational
administrators and teachers; the possibility of credit transfers and similar programs
between recognized institutions of higher learning of both
Parties and possibilities for mutual recognition of higher
education and secondary professional education qualifications; together to organize educational, scientific and
technological exhibitions, seminars and conferences on
relevant themes, training courses, meetings and discussions on
7.facilitate universities, colleges and secondary professional
institutions in Taiwan and Vietnam to assist one another in
creating opportunities for students to study in educational
institutions of the other Party, and to facilitate the
teaching staffs from the other Party to carry out educational
exchanges, particularly, in IT technology, biology,
electronics, telecommunication, business administration,
finance, banking, hospitality and tourism management, medical
sciences, mechanical engineering, manufacture, agriculture,
forestry, fishery, marine and aqua-culture, etc. Annually
carry out training courses and expand the subject areas
accordingly, depending on the needs, resources and desire of
both Parties.
8.provide free information, including the possibility of setting
up a library in the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in
Hanoi with reading rooms, loan section for books, journals on
education, science and technologies, languages and other
specialized subjects, as well as the provision of up to date
information, magazines, catalogues and other information
agreed upon by both Parties.
9.other areas of cooperation as may be mutually determined.

Article 3
Program Arrangements

Details of all exchange programs shall be arranged respectively
by both Parties and shall be subject to the approval of both
Parties, even though the exchanges of any staffs, students or
materials may not necessarily be simultaneously reciprocal.

Article 4

The costs of the cooperative activities under this Agreement
shall be decided by both Parities and shall be subject to the
availability of funds of each Party.

Article 5
Joint Working Group

The Parties shall establish a Joint Working Group to implement
this Agreement. The Joint Working Group shall be co-chaired by
representatives of Education on behalf of both Parties along
with participation of the representatives from other agencies
authorized by both Parties. The Joint Working Group shall meet
at least once annually to review the Implementation of this

Article 6
Compliance with the Law

This Agreement shall be implemented in accordance with the
applicable laws, regulations and policies of each Party and
international conventions of which each Party is a member.

Article 7

1.Each Party shall undertake to preserve the confidentiality and
privacy of their documents, information and other data
received from the other Party during the implementation of
this Agreement.

2.In the event of the termination of this Agreement, the parties
agree that the provision of this Article shall continue to

Article 8
Intellectual Property Rights

1.The protection of intellectual property rights shall be
enforced in conformity with relevant international agreements.

2.The usage of the name, logo or official emblem of either of
the Parties on any publications, documents or papers is
prohibited without the prior written approval of the other

Article 9

Each Party reserves the right, for reasons of security, domestic
laws, public order or health, to suspend temporarily, either in
whole or in part, the implementation of this Agreement. The
Party which initiates the suspension shall immediately give a
written notification of suspension to the other Party indicating
the time when the suspension will be effective.

Article 10
Revision or Amendment

Either Party may request in writing a revision of or an
amendment to this Agreement. Any revisions or amendments agreed
upon by both Parties shall be expressed in writing and shall
form parts of this Agreement. Such revisions or amendments shall
enter into force on the date determined by both Parties.

Article 11
Settlement of Disputes

Any differences or disputes arising out of the interpretation or
application of any provisions of this Agreement shall be settled
amicably by consultation or negotiation between the Parties
without reference to any third Party or international tribunal.

Article 12
Entry into Force, Duration and Termination

1.This Agreement shall enter into force upon the date of its
signing. It shall remain effective for a period of 5years,
unless either Party notifies the other in writing, of its
intention to terminate this Agreement,at least 6 months prior
to the intended date of termination.

2.Unless notice of termination is provided by either Party as
stipulated in Item 1 of this Article, this Agreement shall be
automatically extended for a successive period of 5 years,
with each Party reserving the right to terminate the Agreement
upon prior written notice of at least 6 months.

3.The termination of this Agreement shall be without prejudice
to the implementation of programs and projects carried out
prior to the data of its termination.

In witness whereof, the undersigned being duly authorized
thereto by their Respective authorities have signed this

Done in Taichung, Taiwan, on the 2th day of December of the year
two thousand and six, in two duplicates in the Vietnamese,
Chinese and English languages, each text being equally
authentic. In the event of any discrepancy the English text
shall prevail.

On behalf of On behalf of
The Taipei Economic and Cultural The Vietnamese Economic and
Office in Hanoi Cultural Office in Taipei

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