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1.Signed on August 21, 2007; Entered into force on August 21, 2007.
The National Science Council, Taiwan and the Mongolian Academy
of Sciences, Mongolia (hereinafter referred to as the "Parties")
with a view to promote scientific cooperation and to further
strengthen the close and friendly relations between Mongolia and
Taiwan, have agreed as follows:

A meeting on cooperation for the two parties shall take place at
either side periodically as mutually agreed. The meeting serves
primarily to establish the bilateral scientific cooperation
projects, symposia, workshops and exhibitions. It also serves to
set up mutual promotion programs, especially for young

Details regarding joint research projects, especially the
financial distribution and the share of research results shall
be discussed and decided upon on individual basis. To enhance
cooperation, both parties shall exchange information relevant to
their research programs at the national level.

Both parties shall promote the exchange of scientists. The
sending party shall nominate candidates for the exchange of
visits to the receiving party. The duration of visits shall be
determined by mutual agreement between the two parties from case
to case.

For the exchange of the scientists, the sending party shall pay
the costs for international transportation; the receiving party
shall provide living expenses. The receiving party shall also
provide support for research-related domestic travels within the
receiving country, as well as for medical insurance according to
its valid internal regulations in case of sudden illness or

The present agreement shall come into force upon signature. It
shall remain to be effective until it is terminated by either
party giving another party a six (6) months prior notice in

Done in Ulaanbaatar on the 21 day of August 2007, in two
original copies in the English language.

For the National Science For the Mongolian Academy of
Council, Taiwan Sciences, Mongolia

__________________________ _____________________________
Minister President
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