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1.Signed on June 12, 1997; Entered into force on June 12, 1997.
The National Science Council (NSC) and the Polish Academy of Sc-
iences (PAS), hereinafter called the Parties, recognizing that
their mutual cooperation will contribute to the development of
scientific endeavor,

have agreed as follows:
Article I
The cooperation under the present Agreement includes all fields
of science and humanities represented in NSC and PAS.

Article 2
1.The direct cooperation between the scientific institutions and
scientists of the Parties will be promoted preferably in the
form of joint research projects and scientific conferences.
2.The collaborating institutes and scientists shall mutually de-
fine in writing the topics and forms of cooperation, expected
results, the obligations of both sides and other necessary co-
nditions (including financial adjustments) of the cooperation.
3.The conducting of joint research activities depends on the co-
llaborating institutes' availability of funds.

Article 3
The exchange of scientists between both Parties shall mainly se-
rve the scientific contacts between collaborating scientists and
institutes, the preparation of joint research projects and other
scientific activities, i.e. conferences, seminars etc.

Article 4
The exchange of scientists will be conducted on an equivalent e-
xchange basis in the frame of 24 man/weeks. This exchange quota
may be increased by both Parties' consent. The duration of indi-
vidual visits should not exceed two months.

Article 5
The financial conditions for the exchange should be as follows:
1.The sending Party covers the travel costs to and from Warsaw
and Taipei respectively.
2.The receiving Party provides the visitor with a maintenance a-
llowance and pays the accommodation costs in accordance with
the existing local regulations.
3.Both Parties shall inform each other in writing about the amo-
unt of allowances paid to the visiting scientists. The amount
of the maintenance allowances provided shall be adjusted to c-
ompensate for inflation in accordance with provisions current
in each Party.
4.The receiving Party shall provide medical care, free of charge
, in case of unforeseen illness or accident during the visits
of the sending Party's scientists.
5.No royalties shall be paid for lectures delivered by scientis-
ts of the sending Party during their visits under the present

Article 6
1.At least two months before a planned visit the sending Party
shall supply the host Party with a programme of stay of the n-
ominated scientist and his/her biographical data, both presen-
ted in English or in the language of the receiving Party, as
well as with the candidate's passport number. Not later than
one month before the proposed date of arrival the host Party
will inform the sending Party about the possibility of receiv-
ing the nominated scientist.
2.The sending Party will inform the receiving Party about the e-
xact date of arrival as well as about means of transport of t-
he visitor at least two weeks in advance.
3.The exchange of scientists between both Parties shall be real-
ized by the international cooperation departments of NSC and

Article 7
1.The results of joint research activities are the common prope-
rty of collaborating scientists and institutes. They may be f-
reely used for scientific purposes and shall be published by
common consent of involved institutes.
2.If the results of joint research activities contain-according
to the opinion of one Party-an invention or discovery which c-
ould be registered as a patent, the collaborating institutes
will conclude a separate agreement concerning its legal prote-
ction in their as well as in third countries.

Article 8
Both Parties may reciprocally delegate working teams to evaluate
the realization of the present Agreement and to propose respect-
ive modifications and amendments.

Article 9
Both Parties shall help to organize scientific visits to resear-
ch centers being outside the structures of NSC and PAS.

Article 10
The present Agreement may be amended or supplemented by agreeme-
nt of the Parties.

Article 11
The present Agreement will come into force in the moment of sig-
ning and will be valid for the period of five years. It shall be
automatically renewed for the next five years period, provided
none of the Parties terminates it in writing six months before
the date of expiration.

Done in duplicate in the English language at Warsaw on the 12th
day of June 1997

In witness whereof the undersigned, being duly authorized for t-
his purpose, have signed this Agreement

for the for the
National Science Polish Academy of Sciences
Council in Taipei in Warsaw
[Signed] [Signed]
Prof. Chao-Shiuan Liu Prof. Leszek Kuznicki
Chairman of NSC President of PAS
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