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1.Signed on June 14 and 26,1991; Entered into force on June 26,1991.
The Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) in Budapest and National
Science Council (NSC) in Taipei, with a view to developing scie-
ntific relations, have agreed to start the implementation of sc-
ientific cooperation by means of an exchange of scientists.
1 The exchange will be encouraged by both institutions in all f-
ields of scientific endeavour, including humanities, social s-
ciences, natural sciences and technical sciences.
2 The sending party shall nominate candidates for exchange visi-
ts and propose them to the receiving party. Priority will be
given to those scientists who have academic ties with their c-
ounterparts in the host organization.
3 The duration of visits will be determined from case to case a-
fter consideration of the recommendation from the relevant co-
unterparts in each party.
4 The sending party shall pay the costs for international trans-
portation, the receiving party shall provide living expenses.
The receiving party shall also provide support for researchre-
lated domestic travel within the receiving side as well as me-
dical costs arising in connection with unforeseen illness or
5 Administrative matters and further details relating to the im-
plementation of this programme will be dealt with by exchange
of letters between the two parties.
6 Both parties acknowledge the importance of joint research act-
ivities and scientific seminars and will examine the possibil-
ity of implementing such activities in the future.
7 This agreement will be in force after the signatures of both
parties. It will continue to be valid until either party noti-
fies the other of its intention to terminate the agreement, in
which case any existing exchange activity will be brought to
an orderly conclusion. The nofification shall be made at least
one year in advance of the termination of the agreement.
for the Hungarian academy
of Sciences
Prof: Domokos Kosary
Date: June 26,1991
Place: Budapest
for the National Science
Council (NSC)
Prof: Han Min Hsia
Date: June 14,1991
Place: Taipei
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