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1.Signed and exchanged on April 2, 1990; Enterd into force on April 2, 1990.
A Purpose of Appendix
This Appendix provides for additional services to be performed
by AIT consultants for CCNAA under the Agreement and correspo-
nding additional obligations for CCNAA.
B Services to be Provided by AIT
1 AIT consultants Steven Bowen and Lee Niederman, of the Offi-
ce of Tax Administration Advisory Services of the Internal
Revenue Service, AIT's designated representative, will each
participate as instructors for the 1990 Academy of Internat-
ional Texation of the Public Finance Training Institute of
the Ministry of Finance, CCNAA's designated representative.
2 Each instructor will provide for one week's instruction on
appropriate topics at mutually agreeable times during the A-
cademy's 1990 session which runs from April through August
3 Each instructor will provide two copies of their course mat-
erials in two separate mailings at least one month prior to
their lectures.
4 Each instructor will prepare an objective format examination
covering his course. This can be either an objective format
examination of 25-50 multiple choice questions or a mixed f-
ormat examination of multiple choice questions (60--70 perc-
ent) and essay questions (30--40 percent).
C Obligations of CCNAA
1 CCNAA will provide Messrs. Bowen and Niederman with round--
trip business class air tickets from Washington, D.C. to Ta-
ipei and return.
2 CCNAA will provide Messrs. Bowen and Niederman with appropr-
iate hotel accommodations, board and health/medical insuran-
ce during their stay in Taipei in connection with this agre-
3 CCNAA agrees to reimburse AIT for the cost of postage for s-
ending the teaching materials mentioned under subparagraph B
. 3 of this Appendix and for any books in English brought to
Taipei and left with CCNAA's designated representative.
4 CCNAA will pay AIT a service fee representing the cost of p-
roviding the consultants in lieu of honoraria. The fee shall
be $1,400 per instructor and represents approximately 20 ho-
urs of teaching time per instructor. The total amount due A-
IT under this subparagraph is US $2,800.
D Financial Provisions
Except as mentioned above, payments and other financial arran-
gements shall be as set forth in Article VI of the Agreement.
E Duration
This Appendix will become effective upon the date of the last
signature hereafter of the representatives of CCNAA and AIT a-
nd will remain in effect until the services described herein,
or as amended, are completed. Either party may terminate this
Appendix as provided for in Article VIII of the Agreement.

For : Coordination Council for

North American Affairs
NAME: [Signed]
DATE : April 2, 1990

American Institute in Taiwan
NAME: [Signed]
TITLE : Deputy Managing Director
DATE: March,27,1990
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