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Title: The Regulations Governing Import and Export Approval of Motion Pictures CH
Abolished Date: 2015-11-30
Category: Ministry of Culture(文化部)
Article 1
These Regulations are stipulated in accordance with Article 22 of the Motion Picture Law.
Article 2
The following motion pictures shall be imported with the permission of the central regulatory agency:
1.Foreign motion pictures produced by foreign nationals.
2.Motion pictures produced in foreign countries by ROC nationals.
3.Motion pictures produced jointly by ROC nationals and foreign nationals in foreign countries.
Article 3
The following motion pictures shall be exported with the permission of the central competent authority:
1.Motion pictures that have been imported with permission under the preceding article.
2.Motion pictures produced by companies established in the ROC by ROC nationals.
3.Motion pictures produced in the ROC by foreign nationals.
4.Motion pictures produced in the ROC jointly by ROC nationals and foreign nationals.
Article 4
Educational films are not included in the emotion pictures specified in the preceding two articles.
Article 5
The country of origin of a motion picture shall be the country to which the specified motion picture production business belongs. For a joint production, the country of origin shall be the country to which the motion picture production business making more than 50 percent of the investment belongs. But when more than half the main actors and actresses (those playing the leading and supporting roles) are of the same nationality, the country of origin shall be the country of their nationality.
If contracts or agreements stipulate otherwise, the investment amount and ratio of actors for a joint production stipulated in the previous paragraph shall be determined in accordance with the contracts and agreements.
For a motion picture produced jointly in the ROC by an ROC national and people from other nations or areas, the motion picture may be considered domestically produced should the investment by ROC nationals reach or exceed a quarter of the total investment.
Article 6
The plots of all the film prints of motion pictures of Item 1 of Article 2 shall be identical. Otherwise, all the film prints shall be ordered to be shipped back. But this does not apply to film prints that differ only in terms of width and form.
Article 7
Applications for permission to import commercial motion pictures shall be filed by motion picture distribution businesses. But this does not apply to applications for the import of non-commercial notion pictures.
When filing an application in accordance with the preceding paragraph, application forms shall be filled out and submitted for examination along with certification documentation verified by the ROC diplomatic mission or the ROC authorized institution in the country of origin. The central competent authorities may, if necessary, specify the submission for examination of other certification documentation.
Article 8
When filing an export application for a domestically produced motion picture, an applicant shall follow relevant stipulations in Article 40 of the Enforcement Rules of the Motion Picture Law and submit to the central competent authority completed application forms with an attached letter of consent from the copyright holder(s) together with the following documentation:
1.The certificate of origin issued by the local motion picture production association or local motion picture studios association.
2.Other documentation requested by the central competent authority.
Article 9
Motion picture importers shall apply to the central regulatory agency for the issuance of a motion picture import certificate. The documents and application form to be submitted by the applicant of the preceding paragraph shall be prescribed by the central regulatory agency.
Article 10
The central regulatory agency shall order imported motion pictures to be shipped back overseas if, during or after examination, their certification documents are found to carry inaccurate information or found to be fraudulent. Screening licenses that have been issued shall be revoked.
Article 11
In the export of motion pictures or their negatives, if it is found during examination that one or all of the film reels contain additional film segments that were not in the motion picture presented for review, or differ in content from the motion picture presented for review, the screening license shall be revoked. Those whose contents meet any of the conditions specified in Paragraph 1 of Article 26 of the Motion Picture Law shall be confiscated. Those whose contents do not meet the conditions specified in Paragraph 1 of Article 26 of the Motion Picture Law shall have the pertinent contents cot before they are released.
Article 12
The purchasing cost for imported motion pictures or the earnings from their screening may be remitted overseas in accordance with the pertinent regulations governing foreign exchange settlement.
Article 13
These Regulations shall take effect on the day of their promulgation.

Note: This is a translation from the Chinese text of the regulations. In case of any discrepancy between the Chinese and English texts, the Chinese text shall govern.
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