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Title: Regulations for New Ratings Employing and Evaluating CH
Abolished Date: 2011-07-04
Category: Ministry of Transportation and Communications(交通部)
Article 1
The present Regulations are prescribed pursuant to Article 88 of Seafarer Act.
Article 2
The new rating in this regulation is referred to the person who completes the rating rudimentary training in domestic training institutions which are delegated or approved by Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC).
The new rating shall be approved by local navigation administration authorities prior to start his onboard training.
An apprentice is deemed to be a rating during the period of apprenticeship on vessel.
Article 3
Any person who desires to apply for being an apprentice shall meet the following qualifications –
1. That he has reached the age of 16, and
2. That he complies with the standards of medical examination required for a seafarer.
Article 4
The qualification certificate shall be issued after the new rating’s assessment results of rudimentary training in the domestic training institutions has been verified by the original training institution and reported to MOTC.
The new rating holding the qualification certificate can serve relevant posts of the rating on domestic voyage after applying and granted the Seafarer Service Book by local navigation administration authorities.
The new rating holding the Seafarer Service Book can start his onboard training. The training period is full six months from the day of attending onboard, and shall be completed within two years from such day. Special case approved by the navigational administration authorities is not subject to the limits.
The new rating can serve relevant posts on international voyage after he submits the Seafarer Service Book and onboard training documents issued by the employer to local navigation administration authorities for registration once he completes the onboard training.
Onboard training shall be completed onboard a vessel not less than 500 gross tonnages.
Article 5
During the period of apprenticeship, an apprentice hereto shall observe all provisions issued for the vessel, and shall dedicate himself and his honor to the performance of duties by obeying the command of the master or other authorized officer or the officer on duty.
Article 6
Article 7
An apprentice seafarer shall be liable to disqualification if he/she commits one of the following misconduct, which are materially sustained by facts:
1. Disobedience of command and orders,
2. Smuggling,
3. Indulging in alcoholic drinks and therefore causing chaos,
4. Creating rumors causing troubles,
5. Theft,
6. Gathering a crowd to create disturbance,
7. Destroying public properties,
8. Breaching rules,
9. Damaging honor,
10. Gambling,
11. Deserting from ship, or
12. Failing to fulfill indenture.
Article 8
Article 9
Any merit and defect of an apprentice found during evaluation may be sent by the shipping company, on whose vessel the apprentice serves his apprenticeship, to the shipping administration authority for disposition pursuant to the rules regulating the service of seafarers.
Article 10
The present Guidelines shall come into force on the day of promulgation.
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