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Title: Organization Act of the Railway Bureau, Ministry of Transportation and Communications CH
Amended Date: 2023-06-07
Category: Ministry of Transportation and Communications(交通部)
Article 1
In order for the Ministry of Transportation and Communications to proceed with the public works construction, supervision, management and related affairs of railways, mass rapid transit and other railway transportation systems, the Railway Bureau is hereby established (hereinafter as the Bureau).
Article 2
The Bureau shall be in charge of the following:
1.The project planning, operation and financial planning, technology development and exchange and international collaboration or export, private participation planning and environment protection in relation to railway systems.
2. The planning, design, construction and supervision of every railway system’s civil, structural, railway track, architectural, landscape, soil and water conservation, climate-change adaptation, and other engineering.
3. The planning, design, construction and supervision of every railway system’s power, signaling, telecommunications, vehicles, depot maintenance and repair facilities, hydroelectricity and environmental control, digital applications, and railway industry.
4. The planning of railway systems’ regulations on systematic integration, contract management, engineering management, quality control, occupational safety and health, as well as technological specifications.
5.The supervision and management of each railway system’s operation, operation status, traffic, operation personnel, transportation of passenger/freight, route construction and maintenance, locomotive inspection and repair, safety management, accident investigation and disaster prevention and response.
6.The land planning, land acquisition, and the right of way management, land development, operation management, assets and disposition and related affairs for high speed rails, mass rapid transits and light rail transit system.
7.Supervise the management and maintenance of the railway’s cultural assets.
8.Engineering assigned by supervising authority, or engineering entrusted by other authorities.
9.Other construction, supervision, and management relevant to railway systems.
Article 3
The Bureau shall have one director-general ranked Senior 13th grade; two deputy director-general ranked Senior 12th grade.
Article 4
The Bureau shall have one chief secretary, ranked Senior 11th grade.
Article 5
The Bureau can establish an engineering branch office for needs of each area under jurisdiction.
Article 6
The official ranks, grades, and headcounts of personnel at the Bureau shall be regulated by a separate Personnel Establishment Table.
Article 7
This Act shall come into force on the date prescribed by the Executive Yuan.
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