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Article 1
In order to reward those who have made special contributions to our country’s development of science and technology administrative affairs, Science and Technology Profession Medals (hereinafter referred to as the Medals) are issued by the Ministry of Science and Technology (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry). This hereby stipulates the regulations for the Awarding of Science and Technology Profession Medals based on Paragraph 1 of Article 9 of the Medal Award Act.
Article 2
The Medals may be awarded to whoever meets any one of the following conditions:
1.Making a major contribution by promoting science and technology policies.
2.Making a major contribution through innovation of procedures concerning administrative science and technology affairs.
3.Making a major contribution to the science and technology field through international cooperation and exchange.
4.Making a major contribution by extending the application and promotion of scientific research results.
5.Making other commendable contributions to administrative affairs of science and technology.
Article 3
The medals can be classified into 1st, 2nd ad 3rd Classes, each issued bestowed with a ribbon collar. With the exception of special circumstances, the 3rd Class Medal shall be granted for the 1st time. The entitlement to a higher grade of the medal may also be obtained based on the accumulated credits of personal contributions. A person shall not receive two types of medals for the same specific facts and feats.
The styles and illustrations of the said Medals are shown in Annex 1.
Article 4
The Ministry may award the Medals on its own initiative or based on recommendations. The recommending process is set out as follows:
1. The personnel under the Ministry and its subordinate agencies/organs must have recommendations from supervisors of their service units to receive the Medals.
2. The personnel not under the Ministry and its subordinate agencies/organs or foreigners must have recommendations from their service units, groups or organizations to receive the Medals based on specific facts and feats.
To apply for the Medals, specific facts and feats and supporting documents must be presented in the format specified in Annex 2.
Article 5
Applications for the medals shall be reviewed by the reviewing Committee of the Ministry and approved by the Minister. All medals shall be awarded in open ceremonies.
Article 6
The award of this medal shall be accompanied by a certificate in the format specified in Annex 3. The certificate for foreigners shall be made in English format specified in Annex 4.
Article 7
The person qualified to receive the Science and Technology Profession Medal may still receive the posthumous award after death, and the spouse of the person or the relatives specified in Article 1138 of the Civil Code may receive the posthumous award in the statutory sequence of the kinship system.
Article 8
The Ministry of Science and Technology’s Regulations for the Awarding of Science and Technology Profession Medals shall be effective upon promulgation.
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