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Title: Regulations Governing the Issuance of New Taiwan Dollars by the Central Bank of China CH
Announced Date: 2000-01-26
Category: Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan)(中央銀行)
Article 1
These Regulations are specially adopted for the purpose of issuing the currency of the Republic of China (“ROC”) by the Central Bank of China (“the Central Bank”) pursuant to Article 13, Paragraph 1 of the Central Bank of China Act.
Article 2
The currency of the ROC is the New Taiwan Dollar (“NT Dollar”), which shall be governed by these Regulations in addition to the provisions of the Central Bank of China Act applicable to the national currency.
Article 3
The Central Bank may, when necessary, delegate management of matters connected with the issuance of NT Dollars to other appropriate banks. Relevant regulations shall be prescribed by the Central Bank.
Article 4
Any holder of NT Dollars may purchase foreign exchange in accordance with the laws and regulations governing foreign exchange promulgated by the government. Limitations on the amount of NT Dollars that may be brought into or taken out of the ROC shall be prescribed and publicly announced by the Central Bank. Application shall be made to the Central Bank for approval of any amount in excess of the prescribed limits; the holder shall be required to show the approval for inspection in bringing such amounts in or out.
NT Dollars may not be mailed into or out of the ROC, provided that with approval by the Central Bank for special cases, this restriction shall not apply.
Article 5
NT Dollars may not be counterfeited, altered, or deliberately damaged; nor may NT Dollars be copied, nor copies thereof be sold or publicly displayed. NT Dollar coinage may not be destroyed with intent of profit. Violators will be punished under provisions governing interference with the national currency and other applicable laws or regulations. For any violation of the Article 4 provisions regarding bringing or mailing NT Dollars into or out of the ROC, the portion exceeding the prescribed limits or mailed in violation of the prohibition shall be withdrawn from transportation.
Article 6
These Regulations shall take force from 1 July 2000.
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