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Title: Standards for Fees Charged for Entry, Exit and Immigration Documents CH
Amended Date: 2014-11-11
Category: Ministry of the Interior(內政部)
Article 1
The standards are set in accordance with paragraph 1 of the Article 10 of the Charges and Fees Act.
Article 2
Fees for nationals applying for Entry/Exit documents:
a. Single entry&exit permit: NT$600 per permit, for entry or exit permit alone is NT$300 per permit.
b. Multiple entry&exit permit with duration of 2 years or under: NT$1,000 per permit.
c. Multiple entry&exit permit with duration over 2 years: NT$2,000 per permit.
d. Long-Term Resident Certificate for the Taiwan Area: NT$1,000 per certificate.
e. Household Registration Permit: NT$600 per permit.
f. Entry permit and copy of Long-Term Resident Certificate for the Taiwan Area: NT$1,300 per set.
g. Copy of Entry Permit: NT$400 per copy.
For subparagraph 1 in the preceding paragraph, single entry/exit permit and travel document are included; for Subparagraph 2 and 3, multiple entry&exit permit and permission for entry&exit are included.
Fees for overseas Chinese student applying for documentation as described in Subparagraph 1 and 4, Paragraph 1, are halved.
Fees for document extensions as described in Subparagraph 4 and 6, Paragraph 1, are NT$300 per extension.
Article 3
Fees for alien entry&exit documentation:
a. Alien resident certificate: NT$1,000 per year per certificate. If applying with a visitor visa, an additional NT$2,200 is required.
b. Alien permanent resident certificate: NT$10,000 per certificate.
Fees for extension of alien resident certificate is NT$1,000 per year per certificate as stated in Subparagraph 1 of the proceeding Paragraph. Application fees for alien resident certificates and extensions of the certificate are halved for ROC overseas Chinese students as stated in Subparagraph 1 of Paragraph 1 and the proceeding Paragraph.
For duration of an alien resident certificate or extension period of alien resident certificate that is less than one (1) year, the fee is charged for one (1) year as stated in Subparagraph 1 of Paragraph 1, and paragraph 2.
Article 4
Fees for entry/exit related proven documentations are NT$100 per person.
Article 5
Fees for licensing for immigration services organizations and immigration specialist certification:
a. Immigration services agency registration certificate: in accordance with the Subparagraph 1, Paragraph 1, Article 57 of the Immigration Act, the fee for the certificate is 0.1% of the specified amount.
b. Renewal of immigration services agency registration certificate: NT$1,000 for each renewal.
c. Immigration specialist certificate: NT$1,000 per certificate.
d. Examination for Immigration specialist: NT$1,500 per exam.
For fees charged to immigration services agencies registered in foreign countries and immigration lawyers of foreign countries, the same fee rates listed in the preceding subparagraph apply.
Article 6
Permit for providing trans-border (transnational) matchmaking service: NT$1,000 per permit.
Article 7
Fees for application for replacement of defaced, destroyed, stolen documents, or change of information on documentation are the same amount as when applying for a new one(s), however, exceptions are made for the following:
a. Alien resident certificate: NT$500 per replacement.
b. Alien permanent resident certificate or immigration services agency registration certificate: NT$1,000 per replacement.
Article 8
When collecting fees in accordance with the standards set forth in the preceding articles, receipts must be provided, except in the circumstances described in Subparagraph 1 to 3, Paragraph 1, Article 22 of the Enforcement Rules of the Government Treasury Act. If an application is denied, the application fee shall be refunded.
Applicants who apply for the aforementioned documents set forth in Article 2 to Article 7 and request expedited service shall pay an extra charge, unless the request for that service is due to a natural disaster, an accident or official use and approved by competent authority. The extra charge for expedited service is NT$300 per document/person one working day earlier than normal processing time. A partial working day shall be regarded as a full working day. The competent authority will announce the application procedures and the number of days allowed to be shortened.
Those who have applied for application documents and decide later to request expedited service shall be charged in accordance with the preceding paragraph. For those applicants who have applied for expedited service and then ask for even more expedited service shall pay extra (according to number of days shortened)..
The competent authority may announce to suspend partially or entirely the expedited service set forth in Article 2 to Article 7 depending on the actual operational situation.
Article 9
For fees charged for entry/exit and immigration documents issued in foreign countries by overseas government offices or authorized private service providers, rates shall be converted to local currency in accordance with Article 8. In the event of change in the currency conversion rate, the change shall be reported to competent authority and records of the changes should be kept for future reference.
Article 10
The standard is effective on the promulgation day.
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