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Article 1
The Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Protection Fund (referred to as “the Fund” hereafter) is set up pursuant to Paragraph 1, Article 6 of the Domestic Violence Prevention Act (referred to as “the Act” hereafter) to augment the work relating to prevention of domestic violence and sexual assault, and these Regulations are drawn up pursuant to the same provision in the Act and Article 21 of the Budget Act.
Article 2
The Fund is a “Special Fund” specified in Item 2, Paragraph 1, Article 4 of the Budget Act, under the Special Revenue Funds for Health and Welfare. It is established as a sub-budget of the Subordinate Agency Budget, with Ministry of Health and Welfare as the competent authority.
Article 3
Sources of the Fund are:
1. Grant from the government budget
2. Fine of deferred prosecution
3. Plea bargain fine
4. Interest income from the Fund
5. Donation income
6. Fines imposed pursuant to the Act
7. Other related income
Article 4
The Fund is to be utilized in the following ways:
1. Expenditures relating to the three-level prevention work against domestic violence and sexual assault
2. Expenditures relating to the intervention in domestic violence and sexual assault cases
3. Expenditures relating to forensic wound examination and evidence collection, and physical and mental treatment of domestic violence and sexual assault victims
4. Subsidizing municipal and county/city governments for the expenses of recruiting additional social workers specializing in domestic violence and sexual assault prevention
5. Expenditures on management and general affairs
6. Other related expenditures
Article 5
Profitability and security should be emphasized for the management and utilization of the Fund, and the Government Treasury Act and related law and regulations shall apply for the saving of the Fund.
Article 6
The Fund can be used to buy government bonds, treasury bills, or other short-term bills for business needs.
Article 7
The Budget Act, Accounting Act, Financial Statement Act, Audit Act, and related law and regulations shall apply for the budget preparation and implementation as well as the preparation of financial statements relating to the Fund.
Article 8
An accounting system should be established for the accounting affairs of the Fund.
Article 9
If there is a surplus according to the annual financial statements of the Fund, it shall be allocated according to the relevant regulations.
Article 10
Accounts shall be settled and cleared upon closure of the Fund, and the balances shall be remitted to the national treasury.
Article 11
These Regulations are enacted on January 1, 2016.
Amendments to these Regulations are enacted on January 1, 2017.
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