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2019-02-14 Regulations Standards governing Prevention of Industrial Robots Hazards
2019-02-11 Drafts In order to improve the fairness and clarity of the selection process, nine articles in the draft amendment of "Regulations Governing the Organization of the Selection Committee and the Evaluation for Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects" will be amended. (Send your comments on or before 2019-04-15)
2019-01-29 Drafts "Regulations Governing the Mediation of Disputes Arising from the Transportation between Civil Aviation Passengers and Aircraft Carriers" was amended on 15th, September 2017. Due to adding regulations of revealing the reasons that the carriers are unable to arrange passengers from disembarking the aircraft or entering the R.O.C., Article 3-1 is amended. (Send your comments on or before 2019-04-02)
2019-01-25 Drafts Due to the revision of the Aids to 'Navigation Act', the users who use the harbor, equipment or services are obligated to pay the Use of Aids Navigation Dues which is charged on single voyage or regular. (Send your comments on or before 2019-04-01)
2019-01-22 Regulations Regulations for Administration of Mobile Communications Businesses
2019-01-22 Regulations Enforcement Rules of Plant Protection and Quarantine Act
2019-01-21 Directions The Ministry of the Interior’s Approval and Supervision Guideline on Review of Interior Administration of Nonprofit Entities Inception
2019-01-14 Regulations Guidelines of Good Manufacture Practice (GMP)for Veterinary Drugs Manufacturers
2019-01-11 Regulations Oil-boiler Replacement Subsidy Regulations
2019-01-10 Drafts In order to enhance the protection of consumers, the BSMI proposes to regulate the wireless charger. The conformity assessment procedure for all the product to be the Registration of Product Certification (RPC) Scheme (Module II+III). (Send your comments on or before 2019-03-18)