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Title: Standards for Establishing Junior Colleges CH
Abolished Date: 2009-03-26
Category: Ministry of Education(教育部)
Article 1
These Standards are adopted pursuant to the provisions of Article 3 of the Junior College Law.
Article 2
Junior colleges shall be established by the Ministry of Education on the basis of education policy and local conditions. National junior colleges shall be established by the Ministry of Education. Municipal junior colleges shall be established by the government of the special municipality. Private junior colleges shall be established by a founder in accordance with the provisions of the Private School Law.
Each of the establishment proposal listed under the preceding paragraph may pursuant to the provisions about environmental impact assessment and urban land use control.
Article 3
Standards for the establishment of junior colleges are as follows:
1.Area of the lot:
(1) Schools shall have a school lot of at least 40,000 square meters available for development and use. Where the community in which a junior colleges is established has public facilities that may be provided to the school for use in physical education, the standard for the area of the school lot may be reduced by half the amount of the area of the public facilities provided, so long as long-term loan contract and lesson plans shall be submitted to competent educational authority for approval, and approval has been granted by the competent educational authority. The reduction in area, however, may not exceed one-fifth of the total area of the school lot.
(2) Agricultural junior colleges shall have an additional 50,000 square meters of land or more available for use as demonstration plots.
2. School structures:
(1) There shall be a sufficient number of general classrooms, practicum classrooms, and special classrooms or sites, as well as structures and sports fields, to meet the needs of school administration and student activities.
(2) When a newly established school applies for accreditation, it shall have completed construction of aggregate floor space of 6,000 square meters or more. Prior to the beginning of the second academic year after accreditation, it shall have completed construction of aggregate floor space of 10,000 square meters or more.
(3) The aggregate floor area of school structures shall be calculated on a per-student basis in accordance with the standards for required floor space in the following categories:
│Categories │Required floor space per student │
│ │(units: square meters) │
│Business │ │
│Nursing │10 │
│Languages │ │
│Medical technology │ │
│Pharmacology │ │
│Home economics │12 │
│Arts │ │
│Physical education │ │
│Industrial │ │
│Agricultural │14 │
│Marine technology │ │

3. Other facilities:
(1) A sufficient supply of teaching equipment, auxiliary equipment, and experimental (or practicum) equipment shall be provided in accordance with the special characteristic and course needs of each category of junior college.
(2) A library shall be established which shall be equipped with connections to academic and campus networks, and with automated library facilities and functions. The libraries shall hold a minimum of 30,000 volumes of books before student recruitment and reach 60,000 volumes of books after been established for three years. Each department shall subscribe to at least fifteen specialized journals and periodicals which can fulfill the professional requirement.
4. Teaching staff:
(1) The student/ full-time teacher ratio shall be less than forty to one (40:1), and the ratio in the day division shall be less than twenty-five to one (25:1).
(2) The number of its full-time teachers at the level of assistant professor or higher shall be at least 15% of the number of all teachers at the level of lecturer or higher.
(3) The calculation of full-time teachers shall be as follows:
(i) When calculating the full-time teachers, the term "full-time teachers" shall refer to professor, associate professor, assistant professor and lecturer. The qualifications and recruitment procedures shall be governed by Statute Governing the Appointment of Educators.
(ii) Four part-time teachers teaching two hours or more per week to be counted as one full-time teacher. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the number of part-time teachers counted as full-time teachers may not exceed one third of the number of actual full-time teachers.
5. Establishment funds and initial endowment fund: When a newly established private junior college applies for accreditation, its establishment funds and initial endowment fund shall pursuant to the following provisions:
(1) There shall be sufficient funds for the establishment of the school (including for land purchases, land leases, buildings, and facilities) and sufficient annual operating funds to maintain basic operations. The school shall also have fund-raising capabilities.
(2)The plan cooperated with school establishment for following five years, including expanse for land purchases, land leases, buildings, and facilities, and estimated funds raised shall be submitted together relevant evidence documentation.
(3) An initial endowment fund of 100 million New Taiwan Dollars shall be raised, with the endowment deposited in an exclusive bank account.
Article 4
After the establishment of junior college, the fulfillment of conditions listed in preceding article 2, 3, and 5 shall be the basis for approval their plans for expansions, enrollment, tuition adjustments, and subsidy.
Article 5
When junior colleges apply for establishment, the Ministry of Education may form a commission to review the standards for their establishment.
Article 6
For a school already established in accordance with these provisions before these Standards entered into force, the school may continue to recruit students on the basis of requirements regarding school lot and school size that were in effect before these Standards went into force.
Article 7
These Standards shall enter into force from the date of issuance.
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