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Ministry of the Interior(內政部)

No. Title
1. Law on the Territorial Sea and the Contiguous Zone of the Republic of China CH
2. Law on the Exclusive Economic Zone and the Continental Shelf of the Republic of China CH
3. Act of Courtesy for Former Presidents and Vice Presidents CH
4. Praise and Commendation Act CH
5. Enforcement Rules of the Praise and Commendation Act CH
6. Orders Act CH
7. Enforcement Rules of the Orders Act CH
8. Oath Act CH
9. Local Government Act CH
10. Organization Act of the Central Police University CH
11. Taiwan Police College Organization Act CH
12. The Organization Act of National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior CH
13. Regulations of Governing Establishment and Conciliation by Committees on Real Estate Dispute Conciliation at Municipality/City/County Levels CH
14. Organization Act of National Airborne Service Corps, Ministry of the Interior CH
15. Organization Act of the National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior CH
16. Act for the Establishment and Administration of the Safety Fund for Police Officers, Fire-fighters, Coastguards, Immigration Officers, Aircrewmen and Volunteer Forces CH
17. National Police Agency Organization Act, Ministry of the Interior CH
18. Organic Act of the Architecture and Building Research Institute, Ministry of the Interior CH
19. Organization Act of National Conscription Agency, Ministry of the Interior CH
20. Regulations on Permission and Supervision of Interior Business Public Welfare Trusts CH
21. The Rules Governing the Functions and Assignments of the National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior CH
22. Civil Servants Election And Recall Act CH
23. National Emblem and National Flag of the Republic of China Act CH
24. National Burial Act CH
25. Act of Supervising Temples CH
26. Act Governing the Voluntary Retirement of the First-Term Senior Congressperson CH
27. Regulations on Allowances for Elected Representatives and Subsidies for Village Heads and Wardens CH
28. Mortuary Service Administration Act CH
29. Political Donations Act CH
30. Presidential and Vice Presidential Election and Recall Act CH
31. Half-mast Implementation Regulations CH
32. Lobbying Act CH
33. Act for Ancestor Worship Guild CH
34. Enforcement Rules of Lobbying Act CH
35. Regulations of Charge for Viewing of Lobbying Registration and Financial Statements CH
36. Regulations for Administration on Funeral Director CH
37. Standards for Funeral Director Certificate Fees CH
38. Political Parties Act CH
39. Nationality Act CH
40. Household Registration Act CH
41. Enforcement Rules of the Household Registration Act CH
42. Name Act CH
43. Enforcement Rules of the Name Act CH
44. Enforcement Rules of the Nationality Act CH
45. Charge Standards for Nationality Fees CH
46. Standards for Identification of Basic Language Abilities and General Knowledge of the Rights and Duties of Naturalized R.O.C. Citizens CH
47. Standards for Defining High-Level Professionals for Naturalization CH
48. Regulations for the Assessment Criteria of No Illicit or Illegal Behavior CH
49. Regulations for the National-wide Replacement of National ID Cards CH
50. Enforcement Regulations for Draft Exemption, Restriction, Deferred Call & Draft CH
51. Conscription Regulations for Naturalized Aliens & Returning Overseas Chinese CH
52. Regulations for Exit of Draftees CH
53. Statute of Favors for Military Servicemen & Their Dependents CH
54. Regulations Governing Application by Draftees-to-Be for Substitute Services CH
55. Enforcement Statute for Substitute Services CH
56. Enforcement Rules of the Implementation Act of Substitute Services CH
57. Regulations for Earlier Discharge by Substitutive Services Draftees CH
58. Regulations Governing the Approval of Departure of Substitute Services Draftees CH
59. Regulations on Election and Dismissal in Cooperatives CH
60. The Regulations Governing Rent and Mortgage Interest Subsidization for the Disabled CH
61. Civil Associations Act CH
62. Implementation Regulations for Supervising Civil Organizations at All Levels CH
63. Regulations on Election and Recall in Civil Associations CH
64. Regulations on Encouragement for Civil Associations CH
65. Regulations on Issuing Registration Certificates of Civil Associations CH
66. Regulations on Management of the Workers in Social Associations CH
67. Regulations on Disposal of the Financial Affairs of Social Associations CH
68. Commercial Group Act CH
69. Enforcement rules on the implementation of commercial group act CH
70. Industrial Group Act CH
71. Enforcement rules concerning the implementation of industrial group act. CH
72. Regulations of financial treatment of industrial and commercial groups CH
73. Supervisory regulations of meeting affairs staff of industrial and commercial groups CH
74. Educational Association Act CH
75. Cooperatives Act CH
76. Enforcement Rules for the Cooperatives Act CH
77. Regulations Governing the Financial Statements and Disposal of Funds of Cooperatives CH
78. Regulations on Supervision and Inspection Performed by the Board of Supervisors in Cooperatives CH
79. Regulations Governing Inspections, Appraisals, and Incentive Measures on Cooperatives CH
80. Credit Union Act CH
81. Regulations of Title Change of Land and Improved Buildings for Credit Unions CH
82. Regulations on Encouragement of Volunteer Service in Interior Operations CH
83. Land Act CH
84. Enforcement Act of Land Act CH
85. Regulations of the Land Registration CH
86. Rural Community Land Readjustment Act CH
87. The 37.5% Arable Rent Reduction Act CH
88. The Equalization of Land Rights Act CH
89. Farmland Readjustment Act CH
90. The Regulations for General Compilation of Landowners’ Properties CH
91. Regulations Governing Land Acquisition by Aliens for Investments in Major National Infrastructure Projects, Overall Economic Development, or Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Industries CH
92. Regulations for the Auction of Domestic Land and Improvements Acquired by Foreigners That Are Not Used in Accordance with Regulations CH
93. Land Expropriation Act CH
94. Enforcement Rules of the Land Expropriation Act CH
95. Real Estate Broking Management Act CH
96. Implementation Regulations of Real Estate Broking Management Act CH
97. Real Estate Appraiser Act CH
98. Regulations on Real Estate Appraisal CH
99. Enforcement Rules of the Real Estate Appraiser Act CH
100. Land Administration Agent Act CH
101. Rules for the Enforcement of the Land Administration Agent Act CH
102. Standards for Service Fees of the National Land Surveying and Mapping Center, Ministry of the Interior CH
103. Cadastral Clearance Act CH
104. Land Surveying and Mapping Act CH
105. Regulations for the Review of Standardized Geographic Names and the Management of Geographic Names CH
106. Regulations on Permits for Foreigners or Foreign Organizations Engaging in Surveying and Mapping Affairs CH
107. Regulations of Translating the Standardized Geographic Names CH
108. Fee-charging Standards of Permission for Laying, Maintaining, or Modifying Submarine Cables or Pipelines on the Continental Shelf of the Republic of China CH
109. Regulations Governing Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing for Land Administration Agents and Real Estate Brokerages CH
110. Rental Housing Market Development and Regulation Act CH
111. Urban Planning Law CH
112. Urban Road Act CH
113. Urban Renewal Act CH
114. The Fee-Charging Standards for Usage of Urban Road CH
115. Regional Plan Act CH
116. Enforcement Rules for the Regional Plan Act CH
117. New Town Development Act CH
118. Enforcement Rules for the New Town Development Act CH
119. Regulations on Use Control of Lands and Buildings within New Town Special Areas Before Implementation of Overall Development English Translation Form CH
120. Regulation on Incomes & Expenditures, Storage, and Utilization of the New Town Development Foundation CH
121. Regulation on Tendering Sale, Lease and Management of Dwelling Houses and Commercial, Industrial and Other Urban Service Facilities in New Towns. CH
122. Regulations on Preferential Sale and Lease of Dwelling Houses in New Towns CH
123. Regulations on Sale and Lease of New Town Lands through Tendering CH
124. Regulation on Examination of Investment Plans for New Town Lands Sold or Leased through Tendering CH
125. Regulation for Encouraging Joint Stock Companies Limited to Invest in Construction of New Towns CH
126. Common Duct Act CH
127. Regulations on Cost Allotment of Common Duct Construction and Management CH
128. Enforcement Rules of Common Duct Act CH
129. Regulations on Use Procedure, Boundary Determination, Registration, Requisition, and Compensation of Air and Underground Right Of Common Duct System CH
130. Design Standard of Common Duct CH
131. Sewerage Law CH
132. Enforcement Rulefor Sewerage Law CH
133. Statute for Collection of Community Development Fees by Construction Project CH
134. Details of levy clause of constructional advantage CH
135. Regulations for Favorable Rentals Regarding Public Land Lease and Superficies in Infrastructure Projects CH
136. National Park Law CH
137. Enforcement Rules of the National Park Law CH
138. Building Act CH
139. Construction Industry Act CH
140. Architects Act CH
141. Condominium Administration Act Building Administration Division CH
142. Notes to the Design Standards of Urban Roads and Accessory Works CH
143. Charge Standards of Green Building Label Fees CH
144. Charge Standards of Green Building Material Label Fees CH
145. Housing Act CH
146. Charge Standards of Intelligent Building Label Fees CH
147. Wetland Conservation Act CH
148. Fee-charging Standards for Yangmingshuwu of Yangmingshan National Park CH
149. Coastal Zone Management Act CH
150. Spatial Planning Act CH
151. The Enforcement Rules of the Spatial Planning Act CH
152. Statute for Expediting Reconstruction of Urban Unsafe and Old Buildings CH
153. Act for the Establishment of the National Housing and Urban Regeneration Center CH
154. Police Act CH
155. Operational Regulations of the Central Police University CH
156. Police Education Act CH
157. Police Duty Act CH
158. Regulations Governing the Division of Foreign Affairs-Related Authority & Responsibility and Contact between Military Police and Police in the Taiwan Areas CH
159. Police Uniforms Act CH
160. Self-defense Guns Control Act CH
161. Enforcement Rules for the Self-defense Guns Control Act CH
162. Act Governing the Use of Police Weapons CH
163. Regulations Governing the Permission to Manufacture, Sell and Possess Police Weapons CH
164. Controlling Guns, Ammunition and Knives Act CH
165. The Regulations Governing Permission and Management of Guns, Ammunition, Knives and Weapons CH
166. Assembly and Parade Act CH
167. Social Order Maintenance Act CH
168. Pawnshop Act CH
169. Private Security Service Act CH
170. Act Governing Issuance of Police Criminal Record Certificates CH
171. Regulations Governing Road Traffic Accidents CH
172. Regulation on Foreign In-service Policemen’s Studying Police Administration in R.O.C CH
173. Police Medal Act CH
174. Civil Defense Act CH
175. Enforcement Rules for Civil Defense Act CH
176. Regulations Governing The Overnight Stay Of Transit Passengers CH
177. Regulations Governing Visiting, Residency, and Permanent Residency of Aliens CH
178. Regulations Governing the Detention of the Aliens CH
179. Regulations Governing Inspection Visits and Information Registration of Alien Residence or Permanent Residence CH
180. Immigration Act CH
181. The Enforcement Rules of the Immigration Act CH
182. Regulations for Governing and Managing Immigration Business Organizations and Their Employees CH
183. Standards for Fees Charged for Entry, Exit and Immigration Documents CH
184. Regulations Governing Forcible Deportation for Nationals without Household Registration in the Taiwan Area CH
185. Regulations Governing Rewards for Reporting Violations of the Immigration Act CH
186. Regulations of Temporary Entry Permit for Foreigners CH
187. Regulations Governing Immigration Inspection and Data Collection and Utilization CH
188. Police Power Exercise Act CH
189. Fee-charging Standards for Issuance of Police Criminal Record Certificates CH
190. Regulation for Petitions against Discrimination against People Residing in the Taiwan Area CH
191. Regulations Governing Juridical Persons and Non-Profit Juridical Associations Brokering Transnational Marriages CH
192. Regulations Governing Temporary Detention of Passengers CH
193. Regulations Governing the Implementation of Interview by the National Immigration Agency, Ministry of the Interior CH
194. Regulations Governing the Collection, Management, and Use of Individual Biometric Data CH
195. Regulations Governing Prevention against Transnational Trafficking in Persons and Protection of Victims CH
196. Human Trafficking Prevention Act CH
197. Enforcement Rules of Human Trafficking Prevention Act CH
198. Regulations Governing the ad hoc Stay, Residency, and Permanent Residency for Human Trafficking Victims CH
199. Regulations Governing the Placement and Protection of Victims and Suspected Victims of Human Trafficking CH
200. Regulations Governing the Transfer of Seized Proceeds of Human Trafficking Crime and Compensation of Victims CH
201. DNA Sampling Act CH
202. Regulations on the Revenues, Expenditures, Custody and Utilization of the New Immigrants Development Fund CH
203. Regulations Governing Forcible Deportation of Foreigners CH
204. The Fee-Charging Standards for Application of Automatic Immigration Clearance System CH
205. The Regulations Governing Employment Gold Card Permit for Foreign Special Professionals CH
206. Fee-Charging Standards for Employment Gold Cards, Employment Pass Cards and Entrepreneur Visas CH
207. Regulation Governing the Permission and Management of Imitation Firearms CH
208. Fire Services Act CH
209. Enforcement Rules of Fire Services Act CH
210. Regulations for Emergency Medical Services CH
211. Firework and Firecracker Management Act CH
212. Enforcement Rules of Firework and Firecracker Management Act CH
213. Disaster Prevention and Protection Act CH
214. Categories and Standards of Assistance for Windstorm, Earthquake, Fire, Explosion and Volcanic Disasters CH
215. The Enforcement Rules of Disaster Prevention and Protection Act CH
216. Regulations for Payment of Expense for Disaster Search and Rescue CH
217. Establishment Standard and Safety Control Regulation for Manufacturing, Storing, Processing Public Hazardous Substances and Flammable Pressurized Gases Places CH
218. Standard for Installation of Fire Safety Equipments Based on Use and Occupancy CH
219. Regulations for the Organization Procedure, Training Program, Drill and Service of the Voluntary Fire Fighters CH
220. Compensation Regulations for building improvements/building usage in radio waves blockage prevention areas CH
221. The February 28 Incident Disposition and Compensation Act CH
222. Regulations on the Impoundment of Traffic-Violation Vehicle CH
223. Regulations of Permission on Delineation of Course for Laying, Maintaining, or Modifying Submarine Cables or Pipelines on the Continental Shelf of the Republic of China CH
224. Regulations Governing the Forcible Deportation of the People of the Mainland Area and the Residents of Hong Kong and Macau CH
225. Regulations Governing the Detention of the People of the Mainland China Area and the Residents of Hong Kong and Macao CH
226. Police Personnel Management Act CH