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Title: Road Traffic Management and Penalty Act CH
Category: Ministry of Transportation and Communications(交通部)
Article 74
In the event of any of the followings, the driver of a slow-moving vehicle shall be fined from NT$300 to NT$600:
1. Failing to obey the directions made by traffic police officers; or failing to follow the instructions indicated by signs, markings, or signals.
2. Failing to follow the traffic direction on a slow-moving vehicle lane.
3. Failing to follow the regulations to cross over fast-moving vehicle lanes.
4. Parking in violation of regulations.
5. Riding on sidewalks or fast-moving vehicle lanes.
6. Failing to pull over upon hearing the sirens of fire trucks, police cars, ambulances, rescue vehicles, or emergency response vehicles for a toxi chemical substance disaster or accident.
7. Failing to yield to pedestrians when crossing a pedestrian crosswalk or turning at an intersection.
8. Failing to yield to pedestrians on walkways indicated by signs or markings to allow slow-moving vehicles to drive.
9. Failing to pull over or closely following upon hearing or seeing mass rapid transit system vehicles closing as their alarms sound or warning lights flash.
The driver of slow-moving vehicle who fails to yield visually impaired pedestrians with white cane or guide dog on a pedestrian crosswalk shall be fined from NT$2,400 to NT$7,200.
The driver of slow-moving vehicle subparagraph 5 or 8 of paragraph 1, who causes a visually impaired person to be injured or death, shall be fined NT$1,200 to 2,400.