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Article 7-1
Foreign enterprises, institutions, organizations, or associations having no fixed place of business within the territory of the ROC, which purchase the goods or services on which value-added business tax(VAT) is levied to a total of a certain amount of money or more within the ROC for the purpose of engaging in exhibitions or temporary business activities within the period of one year may qualify for a VAT refund on the aforesaid goods or services; however, in the case of the following conditions such goods or services shall not be applicable for tax refund:(i) where the documents of the goods or services purchased are not obtained or kept as in the first paragraph above, or(ii)where the goods or services are purchased under the provisions of subparagraphs 2 to 5 of Article 19 of the Act.
The aforesaid institutions may qualify for VAT refund, provided that reciprocal treatment, or exemption from similar taxes, is given to the same institutions of the ROC by the foreign country in which they are performing such activities as are described also above.
Regulations concerning the calculation of the one-year period, the scope of exhibitions or temporary business activities, the definition of the certain amount of money or more, the obtaining of documentary evidence, the attached documents, the period of time within which application may be made for the refund and other relevant matters specified in the first paragraph, shall be prescribed by the Ministry of Finance.