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Title: Immigration Act CH
Category: Ministry of the Interior(內政部)
Article 85
If a person meets one of the following circumstances, he shall be fined between NT$ 2,000 and NT$ 10,000:
1. Refuses to produce his/her passport, Visit Permit in the Taiwan Area, Alien Resident Certificate, Alien Permanent Residence Certificate, Entry permit or other identification documents.
2. Applies for an Alien Residence Certificate without conforming to the prescribed period provided under Paragraph 2 of Article 22 or Article 26.
3. Handles a change of registration without conforming to Paragraph 7 of Article 9 or Paragraph 5 of Article 31.
4. A national without registered permanent residence or an alien overstays a visit or a period of residence.
5. Violates Paragraph 2 of Article 66 by refusing to take an interview on-site.
6. Violates Paragraph 3 of Article 67 by avoiding, obstructing or refusing an inspection.
7. Violates Paragraph 2 of Article 71 by voiding, obstructing or refusing an inspection and registration.