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Title: Audit Act CH
Category: National Audit Office(審計部)
Chapter IV: Audit of Public Properties
Article 55
The auditing agency may in investigate the administration, uses and other matters concerning cash, negotiable instruments, securities and all other properties of various government agencies; the auditing agency may make its opinion known to the agency concerned about any improper handling of the above matters.
Article 56
Government agencies shall prepare a property accounting reports under the Law of Accounting and other regulations. These reports must be submitted to the audit agency within the prescribed time on matters concerning the increase or decrease, custody, transfer, and disposal of the real estate, supplies or other properties under their administration. The audit agency may assign personnel to look into these areas.
Article 57
Where government agencies desire to abandon properties under their administration which have been worn out after the prescribed period of use, and where these properties are of certain prescribed original value, the case shall be reported to the auditing agency for inspection. The abandoned properties, which can not be utilized in other ways and its original value exceed the prescribed amount, and the destruction of outdated accounting documents, vouchers, registers and reports after legal reservation period, shall be destroyed with the concurrence of the competent auditing agency.
Article 58
Where there is disappearance, destruction, or loss due to other causes, in cash, negotiable instruments, securities, properties and other assets in the possession of the various government agencies, the case shall be reported, together with the related evidences, to the auditing agency for inspection.
Article 59
The audit agency has the right to inspect and examine the planning, designing, bidding, implementing, accepting and other related procedures of procurement of government agencies. When any illegal procedures or not consist with the contract, regulations or unreasonable situations are found, the audit agency should notice the auditee to have a proper action. Government agencies should provide any related information for the audit.
Article 60
Where the negotiation over prices in connection with construction work or procurement by various agencies follows certain special condition as to warrant the basis of actual cost plus profit, the term shall be specified in the contract. The auditing agency may dispatch personnel to the contracting party to audit its accounts relative to the actual cost, and inform the agency concerned of the result of the audit.
Article 61
On the occasion of drawing lots for repayment of bond principal or destruction of redeemed bonds, the bond administrative agency shall notify the auditing agency.