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Title: Public Television Act CH
Category: Ministry of Culture(文化部)
Chapter V Administrative Relief
Article 43
If an aggrieved party considers a report by PTS to be erroneous, the said party may request a correction within 15 days of its broadcast. Within ten days of receiving the request, PTS shall make the correction in the same program or another program in the same time slot or a program especially established for corrections. If PTS considers that there has been no error in the program, it shall state its reasons in a written response to the aggrieved party.
If the rights and interests of an aggrieved party are impaired due to an erroneous report, the related personnel of the PTS Foundation, and PTS shall be held for civil or criminal liability in accordance with the law.
Article 44
When a PTS commentary involves other individuals, organizations, or groups to the extent that their rights and interests are impaired, the aggrieved party may request a commensurate opportunity to respond.
The provisions of the preceding article shall apply to the right of requesting a response and to the method of administrative relief.
Article 45
During the election campaign period for public officials, if a PTS program or commentary involves specific candidates or political parties, and the said party requests a correction or an opportunity to respond in accordance with the provisions of the preceding two articles, PTS shall make an immediate correction or provide an appropriate opportunity to respond. The response may be made in writing when necessary.
Article 46
If a viewer considers that a PTS program has violated the provisions of Article 36 to Article 41, he may send a written complaint with specific facts to PTS within 15 days of the broadcast of the program. PTS shall state its reasons and the methods for reconsideration in case the complainant does not accept its disposition, in a written response to the complainant within 30 days of receiving the complaint.
If PTS does not fulfill the obligations of the preceding paragraph, or if a complainant does not accept PTS's disposition of the preceding paragraph, the complainant may send a written request for reconsideration to the board of directors within 30 days. After receiving the request, the board of directors shall make a decision within 30 days and shall state its reasons in a written response to the complainant, the program producer, and the president.
If the program producer does not accept PTS's disposition of the case in Paragraph 1, he may apply for reconsideration in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph.