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Title: Industrial Water Pollution Control Measure Management Regulations CH
Category: Environmental Protection Administration(行政院環境保護署)
Chapter 8 Effluent Recycling
Article 29
The effluent of an enterprise may be recycled for use after having been treated to comply with effluent standards.
Those enterprises that recycle effluent shall submit a recycling plan explicitly stating the following items to the special municipality, county or city competent authority before performing recycling; likewise in the case of any changes to the recycling plan.
1.Basic information concerning the enterprise.
2.Water quality testing report that demonstrates that the quality of the recycled water is in compliance with effluent standards.
3.Daily design and actual maximum used water volume, treated water volume, recycled water volume, overall water balance, and schematic diagrams of recycling processes.
4.Other documents designated by the competent authority.
The enterprise shall comply with soil treatment standards and regulations in those circumstances in which effluent is discharged into soil.
Effluent shall not be required to be treated such that it is in compliance with effluent standards pursuant to Paragraph 1 in those circumstances in which an enterprise uses recycled effluent in manufacturing, operating or effluent treatment processes, or a waste landfill uses recycled seepage water at the burial surface.
Those enterprises designated and officially announced by the central competent authority pursuant to Article 13, Paragraph 2 of this Act shall obtain the review and approval of an agency commissioned by the competent authority or central competent authority in accordance with industrial water pollution control measure plan application and review regulations before recycling effluent.
Article 30
Enterprises shall use clearly-visible signs and colors to mark recycling pipelines and indicate direction of flow.