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Title: Industrial Water Pollution Control Measure Management Regulations CH
Category: Environmental Protection Administration(行政院環境保護署)
Chapter 6 Installation of Marine Discharge Pipelines
Article 24
Those enterprises designated and officially announced pursuant to Article 13, Paragraph 2 of this Act shall use pipelines to discharge effluent into the sea in accordance with to Article 13, Paragraph 4 of this Act.
Article 25
When effluent is discharged into the sea by means of a pipeline, the Marine Effluent Standards shall apply in those circumstances where the initial dilution rate is above 100.
The initial dilution rate means the dilution multiple as calculated by the method designated by the central competent authority when effluent has been discharged from a pipeline into the sea and an equilibrium has been reached after the effluent column has mixed with the surrounding seawater.
Article 26
Those enterprises discharging industrial effluent into the sea by means of a pipeline shall perform environmental monitoring and take records in accordance with an approved environmental monitoring plan after the pipeline has received permission for use from the competent authority. Records shall be preserved for three years for audit by the competent authority.
The enterprise in the foregoing paragraph shall report marine environmental monitoring results to the competent authority once every three months.