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Chapter 7-1 Outreach Nursing Jobs
Article 24-2
Employers of the foreign workers hired for the outreach nursing jobs prescribed by Paragraph 5 of Article 3 shall meet the following qualifications:
1. A juridical institution, non-profit juridical association or public welfare group established or registered by law.
2. Entrusted by local competent authorities in the past year to provide home care services.
For the foreigners who are willing to engage in outreach nursing services, they shall correspond with one the provisions as follows:
1. The qualification correlates with the Article 22, Section 1.
2. The person was reported by the Central Competent Authority on account of important events.
Article 24-3
The employers referred to in Paragraph 1 of the preceding Article shall submit the outreach nursing service plan according to the period and requirements announced by the central competent authorities.
The outreach nursing service plan stated in the preceding paragraph shall cover the following details:
1. Employer’s qualification certificate documents.
2. Planning for service offer, fee-charging items and amounts and the contract template.
3. Planning for nursing manpower deployment and supervision and educational training mechanism.
4. Other outreach nursing service related data.
After the outreach nursing service plan being ratified by the central competent authorities, the employer shall follow the content of the ratified outreach nursing service plan to execute the details.
The number of foreign workers hired by the employer referred to in the preceding Article for outreach nursing jobs shall not exceed the number of local caretakers hired by the same employer.
Article 24-4
When assigning local caretakers and foreign workers for outreach nursing jobs, the employer shall submit the following documents before the 5th of each month and notify the central competent authorities for audit:
1. Last month’s written outreach nursing service records and the certificate showing the ones to be nursed meet the qualifications prescribed by Paragraph 1 of Article 22.
2. The daily schedule of the on-going month’s outreach nursing service assignments.
The central competent authorities shall examine the qualifications of the ones to be nursed, whereas the local competent authorities shall non-periodically examine employers or visit those who are nursed in their region according to the content of the ratified plan.
In case of any of the following circumstances occurring to employers, the central competent authorities shall revoke total or part of the recruitment permit and employment permit pursuant to Article 72:
1. The assigned foreigner doesn't correspond with the competency for a caregiver engaging in home attendant regulated in Article 24, Section 2, and the person didn't improve their behaviour within the defined period.
2. Violate related statutory laws or ratified outreach nursing service plan, for which the violation is considered serious by the central competent authorities.
3. Have poor business operation or seriously harm public welfare.