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Chapter VI Institutional Nursing Jobs
Article 20
For foreigners hired to perform the institutional caring tasks referred to in Item 3, Article 3 of the Standards, their employers shall have one of the following qualifications:
1. Long-term nursing institutions, caring institutions, nursing care institutions, or social welfare organizations for receiving andcaring middle-range physi-cally or mentally disable persons, mentally disturbed persons, or persons suf-fering from dementia.
2. Nursing and caring family institutions, hospitals for chronic illness patients or general hospitals, ordinary hospitals or specialized hospitals with wards for chronic illness patients or respiratory disease wards.
3. Long-term care institutions providing residential services established under the Long-Term Care Services Act.
Article 21
Foreigners hired by employers referred to in the preceding Article, shall be lim-ited in number as follows:
1. Institutions referred to in Item 1 of the preceding Article may hire one foreign care taker for every three persons actually received and cared for by those in-stitutions,
2. Institutions referred to in Item 2 to 3 of the Article, may hire one foreign care-giver for every five hospital beds registered by law.
The number referred to in the preceding Paragraph shall not in total exceed the number of domestic care-givers.
The number of domestic care-givers mentioned in the preceding paragraph is based on the number of employees insured by the employer on the day of appli-cation for the recruitment permit.