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Part Three : Category "B" Work Place Inspection
Article 9
To apply for the review of Category B Workplace by labor inspection agency, enterprises should complete the application form (Form 2) and attach three copies of the following documents:
1. Basic information on safety and health management (Attachment 1)
2. Process safety evaluation report (Attachment 2)
3. Process change safety plan (Attachment 3)
4. Emergency response plan (Attachment 4)
5. Audit management program (Attachment 5)
Article 10
According to the actual needs of the operation, enterprises shall organize a committee for evaluation prior to submitting documentation.
Article 6 is applicable for forming the evaluation committee and for evaluation.
Article 11
Labor inspection agency shall review the application and the required attachments submitted according to Article 9.
Labor inspection agency shall perform on-site inspection of the following facilities after review:
1. Fire and explosion hazard prevention facilities (Attachment 7)
2. Hazardous material leakage and poisoning prevention facilities (Attachment 8)
Labor inspection agency shall give written notice of review and inspection results to enterprises within 45 days after receiving application, unless enterprises are responsible for the cause in delay.
Article 12
For the work places which have passed the review conducted by the labor inspection agency, enterprises shall re-evaluate the documents required in Article 5 for necessary update when a process change occurs, or every five years, and shall be recorded.
Article 6 is applicable to the re-evaluation specified above.