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Part Two: Category "A" Workplace Review and Inspection
Article 5
To apply for the review of Category A Work Place by labor inspection agency, enterprises should complete the application form (Form 1) and attach three copies of the following documents:
1. Basic information on safety and health management (Attachment 1)
2. Schedule 1 to Schedule 14 stipulated in Article 4 of the Rules for Periodic Implementation of Process Safety Assessment.
The application in the preceding paragraph shall be registered on the information website designated by the central competent authority.
Article 6
According to the actual needs of the operation, enterprises shall organize a committee consisting of the following personnel for evaluation prior to submitting documentation specified in the previous article:
1. Person(s) in charge of the work place.
2. Persons(s) with domestic or foreign professional training in process safety evaluation, or person(s) with process safety evaluation professional capability (with documentation), and approved by governing authorities in the Central Government.
3.Occupational safety and health personnel specified in the Regulations of Occupational Safety and Health Management .
4. Supervisors of the operation in the work place.
5. Workers familiar with the operation in the work place.
If the enterprise does not have process safety evaluation personnel specified in item 2 above, or deems it necessary, may include the following professionals with active certifications who have also completed domestic training for process safety evaluation:
1. Industrial Safety Professionals and one of the following professionals
(1) Professional Chemical Engineers
(2) Professional Industrial and Occupational Hygienists
(3) Professional Mechanical Engineers
(4) Professional Electrical Engineers
2. Industrial Safety Professionals and the professionals in categories (1) to (4) specified above employed by engineering and technical consulting firms
A person may possess one or more of the professional certifications listed above.
Review process and results specified in Paragraph 1 shall be documented
Article 7
The labor inspection agency shall review the application in Article 5 based on the documents attached and may conduct inspections on the occupational safety and health facilities and management of the workplace.
Labor inspection agency shall give written notice to enterprises within 30 days after receiving application for review specified, unless enterprises are responsible for the cause in delay.
Article 8
For the work places which have passed the review conducted by the labor inspection agency, enterprises shall re-evaluate the documents required in Article 5 for necessary update when a process change occurs, or at least every five years, and shall be recorded. Related documents shall be submitted to the labor inspection agency for future reference.