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Title: Safety Standard of Machinery and Equipment CH
Category: Ministry of Labor(勞動部)
Chapter 3 Hand-fed planer
Article 50
A hand-fed planer except a portable shall have a cutter contact-preventive device compling with the following provisions. It might be exempted from a part or all of them if it has equivalent or more performance accredited from the inspection agency.
1. It has a guard to cover the portion except the wood-piece being planed.
2. It has strength to withstand deflection and tortion.
3. It has function to prevent bolts, pins and others of the hinge in a self-adjusting contact-preventive device from loosening or dropping out.
4. A self-adjusting contact-preventive device shall be used for those pushing a wood-piece by hands. If most wood-pieces with a same form, a same planing width and no risk of hands contacting with the shaper, a fixed cutter contact-preventive device can be used too but it is unrestricted for the cutter contact-preventive device used in a spindle shaper.
The cutter contact-preventive device for the hand-fed planer shall make the gap between the low-edge of a cover and a material-fed table be less than 8 millimiters.
Article 51
The hand-fed planer shall have a device to make a rotating cutter block stopped and braked when the power shut down. There is unrestricted if it can make cutter block stopped within 10 seconds as the power shut down or a portable planer using a motor with a single-phase series wound motor.
Article 52
The hand-fed planer shall have a device that can fix the cutter block when changing the cutter.
Article 53
The hand-fed planer shall have a power shut off device that can be operated without leaving a job position.
The power shut off device related in the preceding paragraph shall be easily operated and has a construction to prevent an accident start from unexpect contacting, vibrating or the like.
Article 54
Except the portable planer , the hand-fed planer shall have a device to adjust the gap between the wood- fed table and the cutter tip being less than 3 millimeters.
Article 55
The cutter block of the hand-fed planer, pulley, belt or other rotating parts shall have guards if they may cause a risk because of contacting with a body part. There is unrestricted except the necessary planed zone by the cutter block.
Article 56
The material for the cutter of the hand-fed planer shall comply with the following provisions or others having equivalent or more mechanical properties:
1. cutter: compling with SKH2 set in the national standard CNS 2904 “high speed tool steel material”.
2. cutter block: compling with the national standard CNS 2473 “the general- structural-using rolled steel material” or the national standard CNS 3828 “mechanical- structure-using carbon steel material”.
Article 57
The cutter shall be fitted in the cutter block in accordance with the following way:
1. Based on the national standard CNS 4813 “flat plan cutter for wood machne”, at least one of fitted holes shall be a slot hole for the A type cutter( thickness cutter).
2. Based on the national standard CNS 4813 “flat plan cutter for wood machne”, fitted slots or a cutter-compressing plate for the B type cutter(thin cutter) shall be a wedge-shaped or other similar ways.
Article 58
Only a cylindrical cutter block can be used on the hand-fed planer.