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Title: Safety Standard of Machinery and Equipment CH
Category: Ministry of Labor(勞動部)
Chapter 2 Power presses or shear machines
Section 5 Hydraulic systems
Article 45
A hydraulic press shall have a construction that the slider cannot be activated without doing the start operation after a hydraulic pump started.
Article 46
An over drop distance( inertial descending value) of the slider shall be less than the value in Attaching table 4 when the protective stop mechanism in the hydrautic press acts on the slider being of a maximum dropping speed.
Article 47
The hydraulic press shall have a safety stopper to support the total weight of the slider and the upper half die.
Article 48
The solenoid valve in the hydraulic press shall be a normally closed type with a spring-return construction.
Article 49
The hydraulic presses shall have a safety device to prevent hydraulic over-pressure.