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Title: Safety Standard of Machinery and Equipment CH
Category: Ministry of Labor(勞動部)
Chapter 2 Power presses or shear machines
Section 1 Safetyguards
Article 4
Except that has mechanism to prevent hazard from the slider, a power press machine or a power shear machine( hereinafter referred to as the press or shear machine) shall have a safetyguard, a safety die, be a particular-purpose press or shear machine, be an automatic press or shear machine(hereinafter referred to as the safetyguard).
Because the nature of jobs to lead difficulties for making the safetyguard, it should be at least provided with one or more safety devices set by Article 6.
Motors, gears, rotating-shafts, driving- wheels, driving-belts and other components of the press or shear machine referred to the first paragraph and those having a risk of causing hazards, shall have guard-shields, guard-fences, guard-grilles or other appropriate means to prevent a body part touching danger points.
Article 5
The safetyguard referred to the preceding Article, shall be capable of preventing a body part intervening the hazard zone of the slider moving and meet the following provisions:
1. Safetyguard: being capable of preventing fingers touching through it or from outside.
2. Safety die: a gap between as following two members being less than 8 millimeters.
(1) the upper-half die and the lower-half die when the slider at the top dead center.
(2) for having a stripper, this referred to that between the upper- half die and the stripper, and that between the stripper and the lower-half die when the slider at the top dead center.
(3) the guide post and bushing.
3. A particular- purpose press or shear machine : having a construction to prevent a body part intervening a hazard zone.
4. An automatic press or shear machine: having a construction automatically to feed material, process and discharge finished workpiece.