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Title: Labor Insurance Act CH
Category: Ministry of Labor(勞動部)
Article 74
The premium rates, the enforcement areas, the date and the measures for setting up unemployment insurance shall be prescribed by the Executive Yuan.
Article 74-1
Should the insured person in this Act is disabled , old-age or dead before the promulgation and enforcement of the amendments for this Act on July 17, 2008, the insured person or his/her beneficiary could choose to apply the proper insurance regulations when the contingency happened or the claim is submitted for claiming benefits if the benefit claiming right does not exceed the valid period stipulated in article 30.
Article 74-2
After the promulgation and enforcement of the amendments for this Act on July 17, 2008, if the insured person is qualified to claim the old-age benefits from this insurance and National Pension Insurance, the insured person could make a claim to any insurer at the same time. The insurers under such request should individually calculate the old-age benefit based on the insured person's each insurance coverage year with the insurances and issue the benefits jointly; for the benefits that should be paid by the other insurance, it should be returned by the insurer.
For the insured person in previous paragraph whose insurance coverage year has not reached the age limit for claiming old-age benefit, but reach the claiming coverage year after combing other insurance's coverage year, he/she could also claim for old-age pension benefit.
In case the insured person or his/her survivors is qualify to claim the National Pension Benefit and Labor Insurance Pension benefit at the same time when the insured person is disabled or dead, the insured person or his/her survivors could only choose either one from those two pension benefits to claim.
Article 75
Article 76
In case an insured person is transferred to the Armed Forces Insurance, the Government Employees' Insurance, or the Insurance for Teaching and Administrative staff of Private Schools, who, at the time of such transference, is not yet entitled to draw old-age insurance benefits pursuant to the provisions of this program, his seniority qualifications shall be reckoned, and when he legally retires on reaching old age, he shall be entitled to claim old-age insurance benefits according to the provisions of article 59 of this Act.
Article 76-1
The provisions including article 2, article 31, article 32, article 39-52 should not be applied to the delivery expense of maternity benefits and medical benefits of Ordinary Insurance when the National Health Insurance Program becomes effective.
Article 77
The Enforcement Regulations of this Act shall be prescribed by the competent central authority subject to the approval of the Executive Yuan.
Article 78
The enforcement areas of this Act shall be determined by the ordinances of the Executive Yuan.
Article 79
This Act shall take effect from the date of promulgation. The enforcement date of this amendment to this Act amended on July 17, 2008, shall be determined by Executive Yuan unless the enforcement date is otherwise defined.
The enforcement date of Article 15 as amended on April 8, 2011, shall be determined by Executive Yuan