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Chapter Ⅲ Prevention and Correction of Sexual Harassment
Article 12
Sexual harassment referred to in the Act shall mean one of the following two circumstances:
1. In the course of an employee executing his or her duties, any one makes a sexual request, uses verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature or with an intent of gender discrimination, causes him or her a hostile, intimidating and offensive working environment leading to infringe on or interfere with his or her personal dignity, physical liberty or affects his or her job performance.
2. An employer explicitly or implicitly makes a sexual request toward an employee or an applicant, uses verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature or with an intent of gender discrimination as an exchange for the establishment, continuance, modification of a labor contract or as a condition to his or her placement, assignment, compensation, evaluation, promotion, demotion, award and discipline.
The determination of sexual harassment in the aforementioned Paragraph shall be based on the background of the incident, work environment, relationship between the parties, the actor’s testimony and conduct, and the counterpart’s perception.
Article 13
Employers shall prevent and correct sexual harassment from occurrence. For employers hiring over thirty employees, measures for preventing, correcting sexual harassment, related complaint procedures and disciplinary measures shall be established. All these measures mentioned above shall be openly displayed in the workplace.
When employers know of the occurrence of sexual harassment mentioned in the preceding article, immediate and effective correctional and remedial measures shall be implemented.
Related regulations for establishing measures of prevention, correction, complaint and punishment of sexual harassment at workplace mentioned in the preceding paragraph shall be prescribed by the Central Competent Authority.